Pachuka lost to Tigress but that was not bad news for Almada

Guillermo Almada gets the bad news in Pacquiao

பச்சுகா Played friendly fights against Tigers There he lost 2-1 but that was not bad news William Almada Who used the game to give minutes to several players who were destroyed on the bench throughout the match.

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Better a poor horse than no horse at all, for $ 5 million.

One of them was central Michael HerreraYouth team பச்சுகா He started as a starter against Tigress, but misfortune followed him as he was injured during the first game of the tournament, thus replacing him with Oscar Murillo.

The Mexican defender played his first minutes this semester as the center back was pushed to the bench after a high. Miguel Tobias In addition to such tips Gustavo Cabral and Oscar Murillo So he could not play for many minutes.

Everything seems to hurt the young Mexican Michael Herrera This could leave him out of court for several months, so he plans to slowly recover next semester, where he will look for more minutes.

When will the MX League start again?

பச்சுகா Pre-plan your game Saints On Day 12 of the match they will be looking to retain their lead in the league, where they have 25 units so far and are the best offense in the competition with 20 goals.

More news from Pachuka:

The millionaire Almada rejected by Uruguay to run Pacquiao

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