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Things that include “original sin” Although one more than the other, they are very nervous for sisters Zeynep and Yildis, who go through very difficult situations. Of course, all this has fueled the sentiment even more among the soap opera audience.

In the next chapter of the fiction broadcast by Antenna 3, a little more bad news is ready for the protagonists, so the tension will continue to rise, waiting to see how everything will be resolved.

If you can’t wait to see the next episode or know something about it, this article gives you a brief preview of what can be seen in the pictures, so we recommend reading on.

“Original Sin”: This will happen in the March 29 episode

Zaynab is surprised by every action Alihan does

Zeynep returns to Istanbul to be by her sister’s side during these difficult times after her divorce from Halit, so she needs to re-establish herself in the city, so she needs a new job and she no longer wants to be in Alihan’s company.

The young woman doesn’t want anything to do with her former employer anymore, so she doesn’t plan to go back there, now she has a new job in a textile company, but Alihan finds out about her return and buys it. Company. Anyway, he wants to work with his girlfriend.

Zeynep didn’t want to go back to Alihan’s job, so she looked for a new one (Photo: Med Yafim)

Yildiz doesn’t know what will happen

Yildis, after divorcing Halit, finds that her life has completely changed, so now she no longer has the privileges she used to have, but not only that. When she goes to sign the separation deed, she is kidnapped.

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In this new episode, it is expected to reveal who is responsible for this crime. On the other hand, the young woman is very scared and begs them not to hurt her.

Yildis kidnapped (Photo: Med Yafim)

How to see “original sin”?

The telenovela “Original Sin” is a Turkish production that aired on Antena 3 and already has many fans throughout Spain who gather every afternoon without missing a single detail.

All you have to do to watch it is tune in to the above channel from 5:30 PM onwards. It is worth noting that the drama is aired till 7:00 PM, so there are 90 interesting minutes including commercial breaks.

Additionally, you can enjoy programming through streaming. For this, you need to subscribe .

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