Oreo with less filling? A customer complaint that spread on social media about the amount of cream in the biscuits

Dirk van de Put emphasizes that there are no major modifications, although consumers express the opposite with visual evidence on the Internet. (Reuters/Dado Rovik)

Consumers broadcast They expressed their concern in social networks And forums like Reddit (in deflation post) So they consider reducing the amount of cream in their favorite cookies. Shane Ransonetteresiding in (New Iberia, Louisiana).shared with The Wall Street Journal His disappointment at opening a box of Oreos and finding less filling than usual is a similar observation to the one he expressed Beverly Cooper60 years old, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Doubt about subtle changes in the Oreos you produce MondelezThis led consumers to question the extent of correspondence between the product and advertising images New York Post.

“It’s a sign of the (current inflationary) times,” Cooper said. The Wall Street Journal. “This is the way the world works now,” he added.

Company Mondelezdepends on chicagoStrategies such as reducing discounts and reducing package sizes have been implemented to address rising costs of ingredients such as cocoa and sugar.

however, Dirk van de PutThe Mondelez CEO denied making major changes to the cookie-to-cream ratio Oreos The possible violations were attributed to differences in the production of different plants. However, customers are arguing online for a thinner layer of cream, and some have created visual content to prove their point.

In recent years, cookies have changed, such as removing shortening and replacing it with vegetable oil in the 1990s to make them kosher, and removing trans fats in the 2000s, which meant reformulating the frosting.

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Investigations Mintel It has detected no changes in ingredient and nutrition data for regular and Double Stuf Oreos since 2004. Consumers’ perception of the change may be due to inconsistencies in the manufacturing process, she said. The Wall Street Journal.

The phenomenon known as shrinkageThe size or quantity of products is reduced while prices are maintained or increased, affecting a variety of consumer goods. Brands like Kleenex And Chobani They have reduced the amount of product in their packaging.

The practice of reducing quantities while maintaining prices affects various products, including Oreos, which are well-known in the current inflationary context.  (Reuters)
The practice of reducing quantities while maintaining prices affects various products, including Oreos, which are well-known in the current inflationary context. (Reuters)

Inflation, which peaked at 9.1% in June 2022, although it cooled to 3.7% in September, continues to spark concern and debate among consumers and analysts, who highlight growing distrust in big companies.

Mondelez It confirms that it has not affected the quality of its products OreosBut it acknowledged previous changes in its 111-year history. Consumers, for their part, continue to be wary of any modifications that might impact their traditional cookies and cream experience. The debate over how much to fill cookies continues to be a relevant issue of public opinion and reflects current concerns about inflation and the safety of consumer products.

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