On this day 54 years ago, the Apollo 13 crew returned safely after nearly dying in space

“Houston, we have a problem”: the phrase that defined before and after space exploration (Getty)

On this day 54 years ago, the three astronauts died Apollo 13, James Lovell, John “Jack” Swigert And Fred W. HayesA space journey that could have ended in tragedy culminated in an explosion in their ship approximately 483,000 kilometers from the planet. Land.

This incident is what prompted the famous phrase “Houston, we have a problem.” April 17, 1970 became not only a defining moment in the history of space exploration, but also a symbol Courage, creativity and cooperation.

The mission was the third attempt before a pot To reach the surface of the moon, but an unexpected explosion forced an immediate decision to cancel the landing. Instead of a lunar exploration mission, the Earth control team and the astronauts were forced to face a survival scenario in space.

The Apollo 13 explosion almost led to a tragedy 300,000 miles from Earth (Getty)

Famous words Swigert Earth was informed of the beginning of the crisis, marking the beginning of a struggle against time to ensure the safe return of the astronauts.

Creativity and collaboration were key to overcoming technical challenges, e.g Sailing back to Earth and management of vital resources such as water and oxygen. Lovell “We're expelling something into… into space,” he reported at a crucial moment, realizing that they were losing their supply of oxygen gas.

The response to the emergency was tremendous. Teams of NASA engineers and scientists worked tirelessly to come up with solutions to not only stop oxygen leaks but also ensure that the command module had sufficient resources to return.

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This situation led to the establishment of procedures Brand Newwhich included conversion Lunar module, Apolloin kind of “lifeboat”. “Completely new procedures had to be written and tested in the simulator before being transferred to the crew,” he highlights a pot About this process.

The whole world celebrated the safe return of Apollo 13 on April 17, 1970 (Getty)

The result of this dangerous situation was a relief that was shared not only by the staff a potBut by people from all over the world. On April 17, 1970, at noon Central Standard Time, the capsule impacted the Earth South Pacific OceanOnly six and a half kilometers from the rescue ship USS Iwo Jima, Odeh was accompanied by Ibtihaj to the command center.

The Apollo 13 mission is considered… “successful failure”which is the same term Space.com website It is used to describe how, even though the mission did not achieve its goal of landing on the moon, valuable lessons learned enhanced future space exploration.

This is reflected in the fact that the story of Apollo 13 has gone beyond its limits, even becoming the inspiration for a movie. Hollywood Directed by Ron Howard And heroically Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon And Gary SiniseWhich cemented its place not only in the history of space exploration but also in popular culture.

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