Olympia’s worst game affected four American players: Solari

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The worst play he ever did Olympiad In the second round match of the Confederations Round against 16 United States Four players came out of the game with different impacts Antonio Lopez Very serious by Fibula fracture In the second half of the match at the Azteca Stadium.

“Regulation has two objectives, which are to protect the integrity of the game; the other and the basic Defend the integrity of the players. Today we have a player with bone injuries on our cheek நவேதா, Another is a blow to the thigh Sebastian Cordova, Another of the neurologists Benedetti Another intervened, and the facts speak for themselves, “Santiago Solari told a news conference.

Solari gave the intensity of the match and played a few minutes for many of its starting players, which is why he was so upset, he considered the same The referee did not follow the rules he had to do.

“We are coming to do our job, but things need to go beyond that Observe the honesty of the players It makes me very angry because I have a player in the operating room today. ”

No football

When The United States lost the game at the Aztecs, He was left with a pass for the quarterfinals of the match, and Solari declared that he could not talk about football because of the game provided by Catrochos.

“I love the game, I’m interested in this game, I like all the matches, but the terms are set by the rules. Is to preserve the integrity of the body You can’t talk about the game because it stops every five seconds, and we want to give the match a boost. ”

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