Olympia wants to regain leadership, and Plato plays another life for salvation against Motagua


The vibrant draws on Saturday between Real Espana-Honduras Progresso and Vita-Victoria made us even more thirsty for national league football.

This Sunday, the 17th day of the National League’s Clausura 2022 ends with three games that define a lot of conditions in Honduras.

Level Schedule: Real Espana leads at the mercy of Olympia in the final of Clausura 2022

First Olympia Versus. El Albo is set to regain the lead after Real Espanae’s draw against UPNFM, Honduras Progresso. With a win, the lion surpasses the professors.

The match will be played at the National Stadium at 5.00 pm. Pablo Lavallen leads the table with 32 points.

The marathon gets Real Sociedad at the Olympic Stadium (5:00 pm), with oil producers coming up with the obligation to win to take another step towards salvation. For their part, Purselane must be added to keep alive their aspiration to be in the big party.

Machine crashes: Real Spain halts victory over Honduras Progresso, saves the series

At Puerto Cortés at 6:00 pm, Platense plays one of its last cards to stay in the first division. El Diprone acquires Mottagua, who is on the roll under the command of Hernான்n “La Tota” Medina.

Time and place to watch games:

Olympia vs Lopos UPNFM -Dico Sports- 5:00 p.m.
Marathon vs Real Society – Channel 11- 5:00 PM
Plato vs Motagua – Diego Sports – 6:00 p.m.

Matches data

History Series: 23 Games: Olympia 15 wins, UPNFM 4 wins and 4 draws, Tegucigalpa Series: 15 Games: Olympia 11 wins, UPNFM 2 wins and 2 draws in the Olympia League 3 games unbeaten with UPNFM and 1 draw (2 wins))

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Marathon-Royal Society
Historical Series: 35 games: Real Sociedad 13 wins, Marathon 12 wins and 10 Olympic Series: 2 games: Real Sociedad 1 win and 1 Allan Vargas tied to finish 200 games in the National League.

Historical Series: 208 Games: Motacua 90 wins in Excelsior, Plattens 55 wins and 63 Series: 76 Games: Plato won 34, Motacua won 20 and drew 22 Mt.

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