Olympia, Marathon and Motakwa have forgotten Aberdura, and now the cannons are lined up in the Concacaf League – ten

There is an International Week when Honduran teams play in the Olympic, Marathon and Mottagua Federation tournaments, in this case Concacaf League, The stage where they have Mexican and MLS, the competition that gives tickets to the Champions League.

After playing on two dates last week, now is the time to show your face across the country. Olympia, who entered the tournament first, traveled to Suriname yesterday to play against him. Inter MD The first phase of the 16th round of the tournament.

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The long journey undertaken by the team he leads Pedro Troclio Who had parked in Miami, USA, and had to land in Paramaribo on Sunday night. This Monday they recognize Franklin Ace Stadium as Inter MT Field.

Dedication 3.45pm, the hottest time in the South American country with the most tropical climate. Troclio will strive for a good income and will not be surprised; Well, he traveled with an entire team to face the commitment of wanting to be a protagonist just like he had in previous matches.

Marathon and Modagua

Undoubtedly, the team that comes with the highest determination Marathon. Purslane had a dream week: they won two classics at the Olympic, first 3-1 at the Olympia on Wednesday and yesterday they beat a dreaded Real Spain 1-0 on Sunday.

“Tato” Garcia’s team competes from the playoffs Concacaf League, Measured in The real Estelle From Nicaragua; The team that knocked Mottagua out of this match two games ago, we will try to get them out of the way.

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The fight takes place on Wednesday (8.00pm) at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium, where the scene became a graveyard for competitors, where mimes were beaten. Cacique Diriangén Nicaragua in that match.

Is the last Honduran club to take part in the tournament Motagua. Blues Lopos came from a 2-2 draw against UPN and now they have to travel to Panama City to face the University next Thursday night at 8:00 p.m.

“La Barbie” was able to reduce the load on the team by making some changes in their order during the week, there were matches every three days to reach this crowd, which should be characterized to get a positive result next week at home.

Concacaf League calendar

Olympia vs Inter MT
Date: 21-09-21 Tuesday
Time: 3.45pm
Estadio: Franklin Aces (Suriname)
Broadcast: TVC

Marathon vs Real Estate
Date: Wednesday 22-09-21
Time: 8.00 pm
Stadium: Olympico (San Pedro Sula)
Broadcast: TVC

University of Motagua
Date: 23-09-21 Thursday
Time: 8.00 pm
Arena: Auguston M. Sanchez (Panama)
Broadcast: TVC

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