Olympia beats Real de Minas and continues with a firm step towards the three-time championship! – Ten


Minute 90 + 3: Yellow card for German Majia de Olympia.

Minute 90 + 2: Close! Diego Reyes was close to Olympia’s third goal after hitting a cross. The ball rose.

90 minutes: Five extra minutes add to the referee in the second half.

Minute 87: Yellow card for Kevin Johnson from Real de Minas.

Min86: Yellow card for Malar Nice de Olympia.

Minute 81: Real de Minas’ last change, Kevin Maradiga left and Rodrigo Rodriguez entered.

Minute 78: The last change in Olympia, Jerry Benson left and Diego Reyes entered.

Minute 75: Double transformation of Real de Minas, Kevin Johnson and Zyro Rivas; Joshua Nieto and Foslin Grant were out.

Minute 70: The good of Olympia! Jerry Penson extended Olympia’s lead after a run on Eddie Hernandez’s pass. To the right of Real de Minas’ goal is a defined captain.

Jerry Penson defined Olympia’s second goal. Photo: Emilio Flores.

Minute 68: Double transformation of Olympia, Michael Cyrinos and Alan Panegas; Christian Maidan and Matthias Garrido entered.

Minute 67: The good of Olympia! Jonathan Boss took a loose ball in that area and shot from the right to establish the primary for the locals.

Min 66: Double change in Real de Minas, Sebastian Collan and Ronnie Bernardes enter; Axel Perios and Jack Baptiste walked out.

Minute 60: Yellow card to Jonathan Pass from Olympia.

Minute 60: Good combination of Penson and Eddie Hernandez, but the last pass came very strongly.

Minute 58: Yup, almost! Jerry Pengston headed in a cross from the right, but his shot was deflected by a corner kick by David Mendoza.

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Min57: Double change in Olympia, Eddie Hernandez and Marvin Bernardes enter; Justin Arpoleda and Josman Fikurova came out.

Minute 51: Olympian Josman Fikurova saved from second yellow after clash with David Mendoza.

Minute 49: very high! Axel Perios tried to surprise Edrik Menzow, but his shot went high.

Minute 48: Josman Fikurova runs down the left wing, but his center is in the hands of goalkeeper Julani Archibald.

The plugin has started!

The end of the first half!

45 minutes: Adds three extra minutes to the match referee.

Minute 43: Josman Fikurova receives a yellow card for a fraud against David Mendoza de Olympia.

Minute 41: Close! Goalkeeper Julani Archibald unleashes a shot from outside the area deflected by Josman Fikurova.

Minute 38: Johnny Liveran stole the ball in midfield, drove a few meters and tried to filter the pass for Jerry Pengson, but his idea was guessed by Real de Minas defense.

Minute 32: Real de Minas’ dangerous approach to the Olympia area, but the play is invalid by offside.

28 minutes: Yellow card to Alan Panegas de Olympia.

Minute 27: Dangerous free kick to the edge of the area in support of Olympia after a scandal over Michael Cyrinos.

24 minutes: Another offsite. Jerry Benson went to the Real de Minas arch, but was ahead.

20 minutes: Canceled! Eustin Arpoleda scored the first goal for Ulysses with a header, but the assistant referee called for an improvement.

Minute 18: Almost! Olympia made a nice triangle to shoot from the left to Eustin Arpoleda, but Colombia’s shot was soft in the hands of Joulani Archibald.

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12 minutes: The match matched the control of the ball, but was very controversial in the middle of the field.

David Mendoza leads the ball from Josman Fikurova’s mark. Photo: Emilio Flores.

Minute 8: Real de Minas tries a little to escape the siege of Olympia in the first minutes.

Minute 3: You can see an Olympia standing Real de Minas against his field from the start.

Game launched!

This is the recognition given to Olympia by the National League. Photo: Emilio Flores.

6:50 p.m.: The National League recognizes Olympia through sponsorship, in recognition of the championship won in the Aberdera tournament.

Confirmed rows

Olympiad: 1. Etrick Menjaver; 2. Mailer Nice, 17. Jonathan Boss, 16. Johnny Leveron, 24. Samuel Cordova; 8. Alan Panegas, 29. German Magia, 33. Michael Sirinos, 65. Josman Fikurova; 27. Jerry Penson, 19. Justin Arpoleda. DT: Pedro Troclio.


Real de Minas: 18. Julani Archibald; 25. David Mendoza, 2. Rafael Bernardes, 28. Dylan Andrade, 31. Cliffax Bernardes; 14. Jack Baptiste, 16. Joshua Nieto, 7. Kevin Maradia, 15. Brian Castro; 17. Axel Perios, 21. Foslin Grant. DT: Israel Canals.


6:30 p.m.: Both teams arrived at the national ground in advance to follow the protocol before the start of the confirmation.


Olympia and Real de Minas meet tonight at the debut of the two-time champion at the national stadium during the second day of the 2021 Glasura competition.

Motagua’s victory over the Marathon in the Yangon Rosenthal forces the mere team to impose itself on the miners to rely on the National League for the first seat in the Central Region.

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For its part, Real de Minas will try to hit the table and get their first win of the tournament after the draw against Real Sociedad on the opening day.

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