Olancho FC send Real Sociedad to intensive care and relegation will be announced on the last date of Clausura 2023


The competition between Real community Before oBoat FC at the Francisco Martinez de Tocoa Stadium. Colts won against some local players who came rushing for points. The fierce fighting ended Twenty In favor of the audience.

Olancho FC continues to prove to be one of the best teams in the Clausura 2023. National League. Mauro Reyes added his second cap for Real Sociedad without a win.

With this failure Real communityThe battle for relegation will be decided in the last game of the regular season, as the perennially struggling Togo team, Honduras of progressThey drew their match against Victoria and got within a point in the overall table.

Chronicle of the Game

Olancho FC took the lead in the first minutes Mario Martinez scored A goal from outside to secure first place in Tokoka. The ball hit the goalkeeper badly for the player to shoot hard Mark Allen.

The first 10 minutes of the game were very lively. Both teams started attacking. The Real community They tried to tie the game through the air game, but the Olancho FC defense was far behind.

In the 25th minute of the game, the Real community His chance to score a double was squandered on his dangerous first visit. Diego Reyes had a ball inside the area and Harold Fonseca saved the shot, but the ball went to Manor Arzu, who again was saved by the Olancho goalkeeper.

In the 32nd minute of the game, Olancho FC responded with a very dangerous play. Before German eagle He left him in front of the goalkeeper but he sent it over the arc. The visiting team squandered a chance to take a two-goal lead.

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Firstly 35 minutes of play They were very busy. Both teams were still looking for a goal, but only Olancho FC managed to score at that point.

Real Sociedad came very close to matching 25 a ball in that stretch Ronnie Martinez He went into the area, but the shot went wide of Harold Fonseca’s post.

In the 53rd minute of the second half, the Olancho FC player, Christian CalixThe referee called the foul after blowing a penalty whistle after a cross from Posers hit the defender’s arm.

Eder Delgado decided to take the ball from the eleven steps, but he couldn’t convert and the ball went wide. Real Sociedad missed a golden opportunity to level the game and thus continued to search for victory First Division.

76th minute of the game, striker Augustine Osmendi He scored the second goal of the game and the other goal for Olancho FC. Argentina striker Omar Elvir then finished inside the area after a filtered pass.

After Olancho FC’s second game, the match ended very quietly.

Match line-ups

Olancho FC’s 11: Harold Fonseca; Oscar Almenderes, Santiago Molina, Rainieri Mayorquin, Mario Martinez, Henry Gomez, Agustin Osmendi, Omar Elvir, Nelson Munoz, Christopher Cubas and German Aguila.

Real Sociedad’s 11: M. Allen, de Martinez, R. Zapata, D. Reyes, R. Martinez, L. Ortiz, E. Delgado, S. Posantes, C. Oseguera, D. Monica, M. Arzuira

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