Odin Ramos and Honduras scored the third goal against Curaao in the Yangon for the Under-20 World Cup.


Minute 61: Goalkeeper Jurgen Garcia saved Honduras with a superb dive and the ball went into a corner kick.

Minute 57: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAZO of Honduras headed in Odin Ramos 3-1 against Curaao. Assisted by Aciduno.

Min 55: Honduras made another change, with Kelly Golden entering and Isaac Castillo leaving.

Minute 47: Marco Aciduno’s cross shot into the goalkeeper’s right vertical. Curaோao was saved.

Minute 46: Luis Alvarado made a change early in the second half. Edson Rocha exits, Heber Nunis enters.

Minute 46: The second half begins at the Yangon Stadium, with Honduras winning 2-1 against Curacao and currently qualifying for the quarterfinals of the U-20 World Cup.

45 + 2 min: At the end of the first half of the 16th round of the U-20 World Cup, Honduras beat Curaோao 2-1.

45 + 2 min: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Honduras’ Jeremy Rodas won 2-1 against Curaao with a header from a corner kick.

45 minutes: Two more minutes are added in Yangal.

Minute 44: Another powerful shot from Isaac Castillo goes just wide of the post. The Honduran team is better.

Minute 43: Odin Ramos’ incredible left foot shot and Curacao goalkeeper’s amazing swipe.

Minute 40: UUUFFF … Odin Ramos and Isaac Castillo’s excellent cross failed to connect well with his head. He was alone in front of Cole.

Minute 38: Marco throws the ball to Aciduno, another mistake on Curaao’s defense, but the goalkeeper adjusts with his dismissal and removes the ball.

Minute 34: Isaac Castillo took a left-footed shot that ended up in the goalkeeper’s hands. 1-1 score.

Minute 31: Marco Aciduno had the second goal at his feet as he went from foot to foot with the Curaao goalkeeper. He wanted to define it with a balloon and the ball went very high.

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30 minutes: Isaac Castillo’s right shot goes wide.

25 minutes: Cole went to one side with the head of Marco Aciduno. Follow up with a 1-1 draw between Honduras and Curaோao who are comfortable in Yangon.

20 minutes: Another Honduran visit, entered the Aceituno area and was unable to connect into the Miguel Carrasco area.

15 minutes: Honduras 1-1 Curaao.

Minute 11: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL from Kurosawa, after defining with a shot from the right foot, equalized for the Raven Job game. What a surprise.

Minute 9: Back near Honduras, Miguel Carrasco sends a low center from the right, and Aciduno expects a nearby post, but the ball goes to one side.

Minute 7: A dangerous game by Curaao and goalkeeper Jurgen Garcia saved Honduras.

Minute 6: No goal allowed against Honduras. Marco Aceituno scored again, but was offside. Follows a 1-0 score.

Minute 3: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL from Honduras, Marco Aciduno scored 1-0 against Curacao after a serious defensive error.

Minute 1: Pue … Honduras’ first dangerous game, a cross from the right and Odin Ramos could not finish in the far post. He took a left-footed shot, saved by Curaோao goalkeeper with an excellent save.

Minute 1: The competition for the 16th round of the Under-20 World Cup begins in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

2:56 pm: The anthem of Honduras has already been sung at the Yangel Rosenthal Grounds.

2:42 pm: Luis Alvarado makes only one change to his starting line-up in connection with the game against Costa Rica. Javier Ariaga has been replaced by Darlin Menzia.

2:40 pm: The match between Honduras and Curaசாao starts in 20 minutes.

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2:39 pm: Catechos fans continue to flock to Yankee Rosenthal Stadium to see the under-20s.

2:26 pm: Honduras Confirmed on 11th against Curaao: Jurgen Garcia; Darlin Mancia, Jeremy Rodas, Aaron Junica, Jason Contreras, Edson Rocha, Odin Ramos, Thomas Sorto, Isaac Castillo, Miguel Carrasco and Marco Aciduno.

2:20 pm: The ranks of Honduras and Curaao will soon be confirmed at the Yangel Rosenthal Stadium.

2:17 pm: Honduran players come out to do their respective warm-up exercises.

2:14 pm: Costa Rica became the first team to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Under – 20 World Cup, beating Trinidad and Tobago 4-1 at the Yangon Rosenthal Stadium.

2:03 pm: Honduras fans begin to flock to support the U-20 in this match against Curaao.

1:50 pm: It should be noted that Honduras, if they go to the quarterfinals, will play against Cuba or Panama for a ticket to the U-20 World Cup. There are four tickets. The finalists will also qualify for the Olympics.

1:48 pm: The Honduran footballers are already at the Yangel Rosenthal in San Pedro Sula.

1:40 pm: Welcome minute by minute to the match between Honduras and Curacao for the 16th round of the U-20 World Cup, which qualifies for the 2023 Indonesia World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics.

————————————————- – —————————

The Honduran U-20 national team, which wants to pursue the dream of the World Cup in Indonesia and the Olympics in Paris, will face Curaao this Saturday in the 16th round of the World Cup.

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The match is scheduled for 3:00 pm and will be played at Yangel Rosenthal Stadium, where Bieger beat Costa Rica in his last match.

Honduras qualified for eighth place with the right record in the Freemundial Sub20: How was it in previous editions?

If the match against the Caribbean Islands is won, the Honduran team will face the winner of the series between Cuba and Panama for a ticket to the 2023 Indonesian World Cup.

How is the control at the deletion stage?

The teams that advanced to the 16th round were: USA, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Honduras, Curaக்கோao, Cuba, Panama, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Guatemala, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

For the round of 16 matches, if the pre-Concacaf U-20 World Cup rules continue in regulation time, the game will have to go into extra time, so two 15-minute halves will be played, respectively.

Luis Alvarado warns: “If we do not defeat Curaao, what we have done will be in vain”

If there is no winner in overtime, the classified will be defined in the penalty shootout.

Alignment of Honduras

Play Garcia; Jason Contreras, Aaron Junica, Jeremy Rodas, Javier Arriaga; Odin Ramos, Edson Rocha, Thomas Sorto, Isaac Castillo, Miguel Carrasco and Marco Aciduno.

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