Nyurka thinks many people saw her live when the ‘LCDLF’ gala was on, but she forgot an important detail

This Tuesday, June 21st, it was expected Niurka Marcos Appeared in Galata ‘The House of the Famous’ However, it is customary for each evicted person to do so after their eviction. He did not attend and instead wanted to do a live broadcast on his social networks.

Within the Telemundo reality show, the Cuban on one occasion promised that she would be named the “Queen of Appraisal”. Instead of tuning in to the show, he wanted to show everyone how a large number of people saw him live. Do not hesitate to disclose it though Maybe he missed something she didn’t know.

Numbers captured by Newark to compare with the number of people watching her They also come 24/7 on the YouTube channel ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, which stops sending live what people are doing when the gala airs.So the views of that video will always decrease at that time.

Tell someone to go to New York and remove 24/7 on YouTube and the Telemundo page while the gala is going on. Why did she not accept that the public no longer wanted her inside because of her intrigue? According to In order not to damage their rating, she is going to perform live while Gala is there, But even say that someone can go and see both of them without any problem. Of course, many of us will see it directly through rumors, ”says a post on Instagram.

They were too much The 26,000 people who watched Marcos’ broadcast talked about his participation in it. Of ‘LCDLF2’ and many more, only 983 people watched the video on YouTube, which is the two hours that the gala lasts with the still image.

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After he left, Cuba delivered a farewell message saying they were very proud of what they had done on the reality show Telemundo.: “Thank you to everyone who supported us. I’m so proud, it’s okay if the public wants me to be outside, because I’m left the most honest part of myself, the most obvious part of myself, the mother inside me, Pitbull protecting its people”.

But no one saw it coming Nyurka will be deeply saddened by the bad image that Telemundo is said to have given him and the smear campaign he suffered.Said in an interview with ‘De Primer Mano’.

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