Now the reasons behind the resignation of Argentina's former commander-in-chief, Nicolás Bossé

(CNN Spanish) — Javier Mille's government officially announced the resignation of Argentina's chief of staff, Nicolas Boss, in a statement released on Monday night.

The text explains that the decision was motivated by “differences in the criteria and expectations of the progress of the government and the tasks entrusted to it”.

The new commander-in-chief is Guillermo Francos, until now the interior minister.

With the change, the new chief of staff will absorb the Interior Ministry, which will become Interior Secretary and be led by Lisandro Catalan, the president's office added.

The moves are being announced as Miley approaches her seventh month in office — she assumed power on Dec. 10 — and joins agencies such as the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Mines and the National Administration for Social Security.

Posey's resignation was announced during Miley's fourth trip to the U.S., where she plans to meet with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Meta Mark Zuckerberg this week. Additionally, he will speak at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, among other activities.

He will continue in the government, though his new role has not been specified. His new post will be announced in the coming days, the statement said.

This Tuesday, the new commander-in-chief held a press conference to announce Posey's exit from the cabinet. “What we have learned in this experience is that we need to reorganize the structure of the government, we need to lighten it. The Chief of Staff is the coordinator of the Cabinet. Maybe it is because of our tenure. There is a force without history, institutional scaffolding, many tasks are concentrated in the Chief of Staff, which I think should be distributed among other ministries. Hope so,” Francos explained.

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Franks He confirmed that Bose will remain in the government and his new post will be known in the coming days. “I think he is a valuable person and in the coming days I can fulfill other functions for the government in the area where we agree with him. He continues to belong to this place and supports the president wherever he is. Public or private,” Francos said this Tuesday.

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