Notice of concern from a US airline regarding safety issues

American Airlines warned of security vulnerabilities. Photo: Getty Images

American Airlines warned of security vulnerabilities. Photo: Getty Images

In the past few hours, the American Airlines Pilots Association warned of safety standards being violated during aircraft preparation. According to the message shared, in addition to the mistakes being made, there is pressure so that US domestic and international flights are not delayed. According to his opinion, the requirement to adhere to the trading calendar under any circumstances may entail many risks.

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Recently, aviation safety has become a topic of concern in the United States. Especially after Alaska Airlines Flight 1282, emphasis has been placed on inspections of the aircraft in operation. In a similar vein, various failures at United led to an audit by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In this context, the case gained new fame.

In a letter published by the union and rebroadcast by CBS News, the American pilots indicated that there was a “significant increase in safety and maintenance issues” in the company’s operations. The problems mentioned range from tools and objects being left in dangerous places to increasingly frequent collisions between towed aircraft.

American Airlines pilots are demanding participation in the company's security operation in the United States

According to the aforementioned media, the union indicated that the company's initial response was good, and that the demand and concern about safety failures had been given space. Looking to the future, American promises that pilots will be able to oversee the safety protocol process sooner. In the same vein, he also mentioned that they would have a place to discuss the entire aircraft quality control process.

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