Not everyone in Desperate America is going to be saddened by the wedding of Francesca Lachchapel

Carla Martinez It is not. driver Wake up America It was not the star who canceled his presence at this big event. Neither Alan Thatcher nor Raல்l Gonzஸlez are inferior to Jomரிri Koizo. No! Carlitos Calderon There is no celebrity who refuses to go to a wedding Francesca Lachchabel. No! We know who will not attend the wedding, for good reason, That’s Tony Tantrates.

Thanks to this Instagram video, everyone learned such bad news. Celebrity presenter and reviewer shared the post with this message: “Explain to me why I can not attend my dear @ Francisca’s wedding melamelazaoficial“.

But be careful that there is a good reason for both Francisco Lacabell and Desperate America to be unable to attend Tony on this special day. As he explains, everything is due to his daughter. Minor stands alone in the 400-meter dash and is also breaking records.

The driver explains: “Now he’s going to the regions and unfortunately tells Francisco that I can not go to her wedding because the gossip that ‘Francisco did not call Tony’ is about to start, so above all, please send this message to Francisco.”

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