No news of astronauts stranded in space

A few days ago, news came about the three Astronauts are trapped in space due to a leak in the ship they are in, and since then NASA has searched for a way to bring them back. Back to earth.

anyway Exclude that the crew members are in danger due to a coolant leak Russian spaceshipBut there is no set date for the return of these astronauts.

International Space Station rolling around 400 km above the groundThat’s how it was two decades ago, a ship that serves as a science laboratory where you drive The United States and Russia, as well as Japan and Canada and 11 other countries.

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Who are the trapped astronauts?

It is not known when the escape that left the three began Trapped astronautsbut it was December 14, 2022 When detected in Soyuz capsule When the astronauts were preparing for a spacewalk.

As it is known, the refrigerant is a substance that allows regulating the internal temperature of the capsule, so it is believed that the astronauts are in danger, because the aforementioned leak caused the cessation of operations on the ship, it also caused the Russian astronauts to resort to NASA astronauts.

It comes with an extension Russian cosmonauts Sergei Prokopyev and Dmitry Petlin and NASA astronaut Frank Rubiowho arrived on the ship last month September 2022.

The capsule should be checked for leakage and to see if they can return to Earth with her, but they are waiting for news.

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