Nintendo opens Super Theme Park in America

Admission to Super Nintendo World (Bloomberg photo by Kyle Grillot)

Super Nintendo World, an interactive replica of Nintendo’s dynamic lands and characters, will bring its colorful mayhem to Universal Studios Hollywood when it opens on February 17. Offering the chance to race alongside Mario and Luigi before meeting them head-to-head, the expansion will bring video game-inspired restaurants, shops and merchandise into a curved structure that meanders through the Californian theme park. .

On a pre-construction tour, you’ll find the storied facade set to a soundtrack of joyful musical instruments and distant coins. Whether it’s on a Koopa Troopas trip or a fake desert against the real sky, there’s always something to see and a few intriguing places to go first.

His star attraction, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, puts drivers in augmented reality headsets to experience the Mario Kart racing game in first-person. Those who want a more hybrid experience between their home devices and the theme park can access deeper levels of gameplay in Super Nintendo World with power-up bands.

Line of Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge weaves through recreations of the big bad villain's castle (Bloomberg by Kyle Grillot)
Line of Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge weaves through recreations of the big bad villain’s castle (Bloomberg by Kyle Grillot)

These bracelets are offered with simple and cartoonish designs representing popular characters: Mario’s has a red “M” and two dots; Peach pink with crown logo. They improve attendance by tracking points earned on the ground and are sold at a premium.

The link to the Universal Studios Hollywood mobile app allows users to collect digital coins and complete four main challenge games across the arena. These side quests take place directly on the facade around the park, requiring guests to pull a mushroom-shaped Goomba fast enough to keep it on top of a rolling wheel. It all culminates in a battle against Bowser Jr., which puts the contestants inside a giant interactive screen.

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Power-up band wearers have a bit of an advantage and more interactivity in the land’s only attraction when they meet three of this world’s characters, Mario, Luigi or Princess Peach. But all participants can hit blocks (with more force than you might expect) and recreate other moments Mushroom KingdomWhether their marks are recorded or not.

Question Blocks, Reading to Punch (Bloomberg by Kyle Grillot)
Question Blocks, Reading to Punch (Bloomberg Kyle Grillot)

Consider the answer to Super Nintendo World’s popular interactive wands The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a spellcaster in enchanted lands. You don’t need one to enjoy your surroundings, but once you see someone mysteriously conjuring rain or throwing things into shop windows, you might want to give it a try.

No power-up wristbands were provided during the preview, but when I borrowed one to test functionality, the difference was obvious: The popular calculation of Nintendo Coin registered to my wristband wouldn’t have happened otherwise. And for Universal, that sound means money coming in.

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Super Nintendo World Universal Studios opened in Japan in March 2021, but its arrival in the U.S. marks Universal Studios Hollywood’s biggest opening since its expansion. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2016, and was the first of Nintendo’s significant footprints on American soil. The movie Super Mario BrosActed Chris Prattwill hit theaters in April, and a third Super Nintendo World location will open alongside Epic Universe, a new theme park coming to Universal Orlando Resort in 2025.

The coin spins and the turtle moves, creating video game-like energy wherever you look (Bloomberg by Kyle Grillot)
The coin spins and the turtle moves, creating video game-like energy wherever you look (Bloomberg by Kyle Grillot)

At each park, the main attraction is the Mario Kart experience. Here, four-seater drivers will join Team Mario to compete on multiple tracks for the Gold Cup, familiar to anyone who’s played Nintendo’s Racing Challenge in their country.

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Using augmented reality goggles and technology developed specifically for the ride, guests will see Mario run with them before moving through the screen in a combination of augmented reality, physics sets and projection mapping. (The long line past the hand-painted Yoshi’s Island figurines culminates in an extensive tour of Bowser’s castle, a sign of its impending popularity.)

Nintendo World representatives said each race is unique and offers different outcomes, scores, and most importantly, replayability, something inherent to the game it’s based on.

You have to go through a warp tube to get inside (Bloomberg by Kyle Grillot)
You have to go through a warp tube to get inside (Bloomberg by Kyle Grillot)

All of New Nintendo Land reinforces the interactivity it’s famously known for, and rewards participants for exploration. Here, they can stumble upon discovery zones that hold surprises, such as 8-bit elements that light up behind walls, a mining tunnel filled with crates, or a staircase to a glacier area with AR binocular views of wombs and piranha plants. Crossing the operating range below.

Its flashy color and light-hearted thematic clash of worlds contrast with whimsy grounded in reality. The Wizarding World of Harry PotterSuper Nintendo World has the same extreme immersion, transporting people to places they’ve seen before, but never before in real life.

Source: Washington Post

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