Nintendo confirms that its amusement park will have space dedicated to the Tonk Cong

So far the park has themed installations based on the main characters of Super Mario video games (Photo: Universal Studios Japan)

Super Nintendo World Amusement Park will have a new themed area based on the iconic Donkey Kong character Opening in 2024, The company said in an official statement.

The new Donkey Kong area with forest-style vibes is already under construction and is expected to expand the size of the park by up to 70% than it currently has. “Visitors can walk on the wild side The lush forests where Donkey Kong and his friends live”, The statement explains.

Among the attractions available in this section of the park, the addition of a roller coaster was announced along with other “interactive experiences”. As with other areas of construction, visitors will discover Ingredients and food themed Classic video game characters.

Super Nintendo World Park officially opened last month March 2021 Adopting safety measures such as the use of masks and hand sanitizers after successive delays in Govt-19 infection. However, it had to be closed a few months later as the number of victims in Japan increased.

The park is currently closed, but rumors of a new facility based on Donkey Kong have already begun to spread after it was shared by Japanese fans a few months ago. Photos of wild decorations Construction sites can be viewed from a distance.

Regarding the new attractions section, Shigeru Miyamoto, the same creator of Super Mario, said he was finally happy Make worlds come true with their iconic characters. “It will take some time to complete, but it will be a unique part not only for those who are familiar with Tanki Kong games but also for all the guests,” the developer explained.

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Nintendo has not yet commented on the reopening of the amusement park, although it is expected that the decision will be made once the Japanese government lowers its anti-epidemic limits, such as temporarily closing the borders they have so far agreed to.

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