Nicolás Maduro has questioned whether Venezuela will hold elections in 2024

Nicolás Maduro does not rule out progress in the presidential election

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro“I don’t know if there will be,” he said in a speech Thursday afternoon Presidential election “this year or next”. While Venezuela’s general elections in 2024 do not yet have a specific date, the dictator has said they could be this year.

“Now they’re trying to wash their face, they’re trying to disguise themselves as Democrats to run in the upcoming presidential election, We don’t know if they will be this year or next yearPut that secret over there for me, get it off the record,” he joked to the audience listening to him.

Maduro said that some opponents “disguise themselves as pre-candidates and pre-candidates, and that’s when the people, I call them to fight for the truth, to unmask these corrupt people, these thugs, these coup plotters wherever they appear, wherever they appear.” They unmask them in front of the youth, in front of the people, and prepare us to continue defeating them year after year in any situation, on any front.

“21 years later, where are the plotters of April 11, 2002? Where are they and are they better or worse? Are they victorious or defeated, united or divided? Are they excited or depressed? Where are the coup leaders of 21 years ago today? As Diostado said, some people continue to plot, cheat, live off corruption for the opposition, steal Venezuela’s resources and assets abroad,” the dictator charged.

There is still no specific date for the elections in Venezuela (EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez).

In the same speech, Maduro slammed the U.S. government: “They came out to threaten Venezuela, and if they don’t advance in political dialogue with Venezuela, a bandit, corrupt and selling homeland sector, on a unitary platform, they will retaliate.” and economic sanctions against our country.”

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“I’m a gringo spokesman, gringo spokesman, go to hell, Venezuela is respected, we will not accept threats from the US government.”

Leader of Opposition last Sunday 2nd April Juan Quito Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship plans to issue an arrest warrant against him, while the purge of Chavista officials continues. This Wednesday, the US government warned of tougher economic sanctions if the Savista regime escalates its crackdown on the opposition.

Washington will “check and adjust” its sanctions if Maduro “does not negotiate in good faith, fulfill his obligations or escalate the repression of political activists”.A State Department spokesperson told the agency EFE.

In January, Brian NicholsThe assistant secretary of the US Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs said representatives of the opposition to the Nicolás Maduro regime met with officials of the Joe Biden administration to discuss progress. Re-established dialog table in Mexico To find a way out of the economic, social and political crisis in Venezuela in November 2022.

“A valuable meeting with members of the negotiating team of the Unitary Platform of Venezuela to reaffirm US support for their work to achieve free and fair elections in Venezuela in 2024. We support the Venezuelan people in their efforts to restore democracy.”Nichols made the announcement in a post on his Twitter account that included a photo of the meeting.

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