Neymar has denied having a fight with Donorumma in the PSG dressing room after his side’s defeat to Real Madrid.

According to Spanish newspapers, Neymar and Donorumma fought in the locker room and were caught by teammates after the PSG fall in the Champions League to avoid exchanging blows.

Neymar has accused the press of covering an alleged altercation in a dressing room PSG The match between forward and goalkeeper Gianluigi Donorumma was denied by the Brazilian on social networks after the match against Real Madrid.

“I hate coming here to talk about the news … but in the previous post (news about the fight) this was a lie. There was no fight in the locker room !!! Talented journalists who want to advertise themselves, try next right?” That reads Neymar’s Instagram account.

Removed in the 16th round of the UEFA Champions League, warmed up the Paris team’s dressing rooms (and more). According to the newspaper BrandNeymar and Donorumma had a heated argument after their 3-1 defeat at the Santiago Bernabeu.

According to the report, the debate began when the Brazilian reprimanded the goalkeeper for losing the ball, with the result that Merengus ended in a draw. Until then, with a total score of 2-0, the Parisians controlled the tie.

Citing information from BrandNeymar was criticized for missing the ball in a game that created a counter-attack and a second goal. Real Madrid. At this point, the atmosphere between the two was already hot, according to the Spanish newspaper.

Reports say players must be controlled by other teammates so as not to exchange beats in the dressing room. Paris Saint-Germain.

If the atmosphere inside the player environment is heavy, it is no different outside. According to the Spanish press, al-Khalifi came out of the Santiago Bernabeu ‘kicking everything’.

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According to MovieStarTelevision with full access to European competition in Spain, Nasser al-Khalifi He left his box after the final whistle sound. According to media reports, he threw punches along the way and went straight to the locker room.

The words heard by the Spanish press from the mouth of the President are strong PSG. The president’s goal was to find the referee’s locker room to complain about the decision on the first Madrid goal.

However, Calif Television reported that he did not attack the place and that Bernabeu representative Magia took it to Devila. This caused great chaos in the subway, and the authorities had to control the president.

With the French Championship looming, The PSG The field returns on Sunday (13) against Bordeaux, Fight airing on ESPN on Star +.

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