Nexa Versus. Cookers 0-1; Captain Wigan puts them in the reuse zone

Victoria Stadium, Aguascalientes /

Cart 1 Ans Poomas is alive in 2021! He was back on the path to victory They beat Nexus 0-1, In order to break the order of not winning in the Aguascalientes since 2011.

University campus Thanks to Juan Pablo Wigan scoring in the final of the tournament, he added 3 gold points to his preference for a comeback. It was the first time he had forgotten, and it started at the last minute.

The final general, the Nexus, seemed to be the best, but the U.N.A.M. Get stuck and go to 10th place in no time.

Comparison run time favorite, The first half had two visits from Nexus and one from Poomas, but without much risk.

Martin Paragon opened the scoring in the 20th minute with a deflected shot and 43 ‘, which also went one way.

Foosundo made a distant and failed shot from Waller at 35 ‘.

The second half was much better, Both schools showed a desire for success.

Juan Ignacio Dineno allowed the 47-year-old to go clear when he threw the ball in an excellent attacking game by Alan Moso.

Little by little, the rays became an enhancement Kevin Mercado Tired of throwing left crosses. One of them reached 57 ‘ Zero Gonzalez finished and was stopped by Alfredo Talavera.

Maxi Salas had a title of 59 ‘, and Tala stayed again to save Poomas.

Mercado flew another ball at Paragon 64 ‘, 76’, while Rodrigo Aguirre stood in the area and stole Moso.

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As Pumas approached, there was first a center from Favio Alvarez, who attacked the post It was 80 ‘at 1-0. Dinenno won, releasing the relentless right hand to turn off left wigan Club Universidad, thus winning a gold.

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