New York joins these eight states that already accept digital ID documents at airports

New York has joined the group of states with digital IDs accepted by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. (Stock Clash)

New York joins the list of countries with Digital identifiers accepted by United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA).This makes New York the ninth state to Digital identification It can be read by readers Credential Authentication Technology (CAT-2) From the agency.

Robert Duffy, Federal Airport Security Director the guardHe expressed in a press statement that was reported by Forbes“We are pleased to be able to add this next-generation digital ID to our list of accepted IDs at our security checkpoints.”

New Yorkers who wish to take advantage of this new capability can download the file. New York Mobile ID App from App Store also Google Apps Free, as long as they have it Valid LicenseNon-driving permit or identification card issued by New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

Travelers with a digital ID only need to scan their phone with a TSA CAT-2 reader. (AP/Yuki Iwamura)

To use a Digital driving license At TSA checkpoints, travelers only need to have their information scanned Mobile identification With the reader CAT-2which verifies identity using Facial recognition technology And a secure internet connection to the system TSA Safe Journey. “After the transaction, your photo and biographical information will be removed from these devices,” Duffy said.

The ability to fly with a digital ID is almost now available 70 million Americansas long as your flight departs from one of… More than twenty US airports are equipped with CAT-2 readers.

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According to him New York DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder“Digital credentials are the future of identity verification,” he added. “This innovation is an exciting way to prove your identity without having to search for your physical document.”

This technology upgrade is now available to approximately 70 million Americans. (Reuters/Ilya Novellaj)

TSA has started acceptance testing. Digital identifiers At selected checkpoints early 2022. In March of that year, Arizona It was the first country to allow the use of… Mobile driving licenses stored in Apple Wallet To verify identity at airport security checkpoints. Since then, Colorado, Maryland and Georgia join Arizona In this innovation. These four cases also allow for storage Google Wallet.

in March 2023, Utah Join the list, follow it yeah in October 2023 And California In December of the same year. in May 2024, Louisiana It became the eighth country that mDL It is accepted at TSA checkpoints across the country.

population Louisiana You can download LA Wallet app On their smartphones to use them to verify identity during the screening process at airports equipped with readers CAT-2.

Identity is verified through facial recognition and secure connection to the secure flight system. (Archive)

It is important to note that not everything Digital driving licenses Accepted; must be issued by someone nine states Which is compatible with technology TSA. This means that travelers cannot simply store their own photo Physical driving license in it Apple Wallet also Google Wallet And go to the airport.

Moreover, the software should not be confused mDL with TSA PreCheck.a quick review program available for almost all users 200 airports in the United StatesThrough which the identity of passengers is verified Biometrics During the registration process. The company explained that these two initiatives are separate, although both seek to improve efficiency and security at airports. TSA In the statement.

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