New support from Messi’s wife

D.Various media outlets in Spain have been confirming it for some time now Shakira Not socializing with friends PQ “Because of his bossy personality.” In particular, the Colombian singer is said to not have the best relationship with Lionel Messi’s wife. Antonella Roguso.

But all that seems to have changed radically, at least as far as Shakira’s relationship with Antonella is concerned. After Messi’s wife Support the Colombian New Year message About “betrayal” and he openly responded to the controversial “Music Sessions 353” even with Bisrap, the Argentine singer and ex-footballer has reiterated his position on the separation.

He has done it with a new gesture on social networks, especially on Instagram. Don’t hesitate to comment with Antonella VMany fire flame emojis Last release Shakira and Carol G.There they reveal the release of ‘TQG’ (‘You Were Great’), which appears to be a direct message to their respective former players (Gerard Piqué and Anuel AA).

With this new gesture, Antonella indicates that she is eager to hear the new song of the Colombian artists and, incidentally, shows her again. I support Shakira.

All of these signs of support, despite the fact that Antonella and Shakira were never the best of friends, is the relationship between the two Friendlier than expected And Pique and Singer’s breakup wouldn’t have changed things.

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