New love on Televisa? After rehab, ‘El Negro’ kisses a beautiful ex-member.

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Mexico City.- Dear driver Raul ‘El Negro’ Ariza It never ceases to create controversy and attract attention Social websites Because in recent days he made sure to come back in Rehabilitation Now he had something to talk about because he was caught in a trap A kiss on the mouth With a famous and beautiful former member of the show Today. This is a Spanish actress Candela Marquez.

Turns out it’s a former reality show contestant Dancing with the stars today He was invited to participate in the latest episode of the show On Air members And telenovelas like that clicked with a heartbeat Bitter chains Y The Heartless. What began as a serious joke of “members” ended in a kiss between Candela and Raul, for which there are already rumors that the couple may soon start a relationship.

‘El Negro’ and Candela were having fun

The 34-year-old model was a special guest on the Unicable broadcast, and although she’s only going to be part of the episode, the drivers Yordy Rosado, Paul Stanley And he asked Raul to stay for the whole show to get to know him better. Members On Air members They made the driver very nervous Todayfor they revealed that without any shame he dreamed of the Spaniards.

Talking about life here… ‘El Negro’ is always divine, loving, beautiful, beautiful,” Marquez said, also referring to Raúl as “Babacito”.

You know, the son of the first actress Norm Herrera He has been single for months after ending his relationship with a Colombian actress Margaret Vega. As the telecast progressed, the ‘members’ questioned the actress’s adoration for shows like Ariza. Malverte: Patron saint, Box in NY One The Italian girl came to the wedding He said it was his “eyes, hair and teeth”.

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For his part, Candela explained that the most attractive thing about ‘El Negrito’ was his “flamboyance”, though he later digressed, commenting that what he liked most about him was his smile, his eyes and himself always. Smells really good.. other guest on the show assured me that this couple is in between “Lots of Passion” and sealed the flirtation by kissing each other on the mouth in front of the cameras On Air members.

Yordi challenged the beautiful Spanish girl to get Botox on air with Dr. Karen Carrillo, but they had to kiss each other for “three seconds” and if they didn’t comply, he’d be out of a job at Televisa. After many attempts, laughter and nervousness, Candela finally planted a big kiss on Raoul.

Source: Tribune and YouTube Unicable

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