New international packaging promotion from ETECSA: “Win Rewards”

The Cuban telecom company has published through its official channels the new international recharge offer that starts on May 24 and lasts until May 31.

The offer this time consists of May 24th to 31stCustomers who receive recharges from outside Cuba, Between – 500 cups up to 1250 cups They will get the amount reloaded on their main balance plus 25 GB bonus to all networks.

Likewise, they will be rewarded with 3,000 Cuban pesos and Unlimited internet from 12:00 am to 7:00 am

As specified on their website, unlimited money, data and internet rewards must be consumed within 30 days of receiving a recharge.

In the case of the main balance, this holds its validity of 330 days, from the date the shipment is received.

Etecsa reiterates that in order to benefit from international recharge, customers in Cuba must have Recharge over 500 cups. At this point, we remember that the company has not yet changed the exchange rate of the dollar against the Cuban peso. They keep rating it at 1 x 24.

ETECSA Recharge

The company states that data rewards (25 GB for all networks), money and unlimited internet are activated at the time of receipt of the shipment.

Regarding the financial reward, they indicated that it has a “short life cycle, different from the main balance” because it is “a gift given by the company, but on the condition that it is used in a certain period of time.”

saying Bonus 3000 CUP It can be used for local and international calls and SMS messages, as well as to connect to the Internet at a consumption rate discount.

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According to Etecsa, customers who have Unlimited current data, money and/or internet rewards And to get this new view, you will accumulate resources. In this case, the effective date will be 30 days from receipt of the recharge.

How do I recharge a phone in Cuba? The Company maintains this offshore service only as a method of generating income in foreign currency. The international recharge locations are:

The platforms for recharging Bag MiTransfer account in USD are:

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