New ideas extremists reject Will Salcado and offer their support to FMLN’s Miguel Pereira | News from El Salvador

In San Miguel, this morning Ethelia drew the attention of the political race for the chair, with a group of people presenting themselves as new ideas, but in support of FMLN’s current mayor Miguel Pereira, focused on the event.

This morning, a group that identified itself as the site of the New Ideas (NI) party showed their support for the re-election of Mayor Miguel Perera, who runs the FMLN flag. In addition, they showed that they rejected the candidacy for the same position of Will Salcado, who is competing for the official coalition of Ghana and New Ideas.

The militants who attended the event made it clear that they support Perera, but not the FMLN.

For his part, on social media, Xavier Sabla Buckley, head of News Ideas, criticized the event, saying that Pereira was using the News Ideas logo to give strength to his campaign.

The mayor volunteered with these statements, saying that it was not his fault that “new ideas militarily support us in the San Miguel municipality”.

The event, which took place at a restaurant in San Miguel, was attended by N.I. The extremists supported their support for Pereira, but also supported the candidates for representation in the field provided by Nuevas Ideas.

The ruling coalition candidate, Salcado, who has served as mayor of San Miguel for 15 years, has denied that they are representatives of the New Ideas Party.

“That was wrong. There were FMLN soldiers and community leaders and some members of the armed forces at the event. No one came up with new ideas,” he said.

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Pereira could face an “election crime” because he used the flag, logo and name of a party he did not own, saying Miguelian wanted to deceive voters.

However, Pereira says he was a guest at the event, and that those who used the Nua Ideas logos were the party’s fighters and allies.

“It was an event they held to make a decision in support of Miguel Pereira. They told the delegates that they were going with new ideas and that they would continue to support the president, but the mayor did not represent him, they support Miguel Pereira,” said the city’s current mayor.

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