New flights and airlines will operate from El Salvador

Two airlines offering low-cost flights will start operating new air routes from the international airport in Comalapa.

Starting next month, Salvadorans will have more options to travel, either to new destinations or on other airlines.

Arajet, of the Dominican Republic, and Frontier, of the US, have announced the start of operations from September, as well as the new airlines they will introduce, respectively.

The Dominican airline said at the beginning of August that it will start operations in El Salvador from September 17 and will offer two weekly flights (Wednesday and Saturday) directly to the capital, Santo Domingo. With ticket prices starting at $55 round-trip and $149 round-trip, the company promises to deliver its low-cost offerings.

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Similarly, the American company recently announced that it will be launching new flights to El Salvador from Atlanta, United States. According to the Univisión network, the flight will depart for San Salvador twice a week starting from November 6; Tickets will cost under $100.

Arajet will begin operations with five new aircraft, the Boeing 737 Max-800.

The Chairman of the Independent Executive Ports Commission (Cepa), Federico Anlecker, confirmed this Thursday that Arajet will start operations in the other month and Frontier will start in new ways.

“We will start operating not just new routes, but new airlines. New routes with FlyFrontier,” said the official, who added that there was a commitment to promoting free competition and open skies.

The official explained that Arajet already has 5 Boeing 737 max planes ready to start its operations and that next year they plan to get 20 planes to fly to 20 different destinations.

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In the case of Frontier, which already has direct flights to Orlando, Florida, it will add the Atlanta route before the end of the year. “It is an important road and it is widely used by Salvadorans,” the official added.

Meet Avianca CEOs

Anlecker also explained, during a face-to-face television interview, that on Wednesday he met with top Avianca executives, including airline CEO Adrián Neuhauser, with whom they discussed the operations center in El Salvador.

“They reaffirmed the strengthening of operations in El Salvador because it is Avianca’s most important hub outside Colombia. The center has been preserved and this is important and what we emphasize again is to maintain and strengthen the center in El Salvador,” said Cepa President.

Anlecker added that Avianca has expressed its plans for the next year to expand flight frequencies and operate new routes, which he explained in detail.

He also stated that they are seeking to expand the parking lot at El Salvador Airport to give space for more than 1,000 additional cars, due to the increase in the number of passengers, as their number reached 2.5 million passengers as of August 24.

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