Netflix: A captivating and disturbing miniseries about the case of a serial killer

This product has been on the serial and movie platform for weeks and everyone is talking about it.

Netflix It is one of the best series and movie sites that add new content every week. In this case, we tell you Dahmer, a mini-series based on true events, which provokes everyone.

Netflix: A captivating and disturbing miniseries about the true case of a serial killer

Dahmer is among the top picks by users this weekend and is all the rage because of its plot. Also, it stars Evan Peters and is directed by Ryan Murphy. It tells the story of the infamous Milwaukee cannibal.

The miniseries follows the life of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who committed 13 murders and was sentenced to 15 life sentences, in 10 episodes. With incredible and clean time jumps, he takes us back to his childhood, his family, his relationships and his crimes.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Dahmer Official Summary

The series examines Jeffrey Dahmer’s brutal crimes and the systemic failures that allowed one of America’s most brutal serial killers to continue killing without hiding for more than 10 years.

Dahmer Cast

  • Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Richard Jenkins as Lionel Dahmer
  • Penelope Ann Miller as Joyce Dahmer
  • Niecy Nash as Glenda Cleveland
  • Michael learned as Catherine Dahmer
  • Shawn J as Tracy Edwards. Brown
  • Colin Ford as Chas

Dahmer Official Trailer | Netflix

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