Neighbors of Parque Garay concerned about insecurity and public space

The facts of insecurity and crimes have worsened in recent months. In each of the neighborhoods of the city of Santa Fe there are neighbors who are mobilized, organized and on alert. Precisely, to protect themselves from what is common that runs through them all, the attack of criminals who are violent and are also armed.

“The truth is that the park suffers from indolence, desolation, abandonment, insecurity. Buses that stop passing by, since line 14 no longer passes for two years, line 9 when the sun goes down stops passing and In addition, at the United Nations and Roque Saenz Peña we constantly have robberies, with complaints, armed robberies, shots, and they also throw stones at cars when they pass, “said Ana Lía Perone, a neighbor of the Park.

For her part, Karina Pingui, another of the people who lives in the vicinity of the public space, referred to the lack of lighting in some areas and the need for a greater police presence. “There are police mobiles parked, let’s say they are not. It is common as a police car scrapping, the detachment does not work. They say they do not have personnel to bring in a lot of patrol cars but they are not on duty,” he said.

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