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The Emelek leader shows his disagreement with the decision of the organizer of the football championship in Ecuador.

Nasip Nem, president of Emelec, described the decision of the Ecuadorian professional football league (LigaPro) as ‘unaffordable’. week end, With arbitrators not present in the courts performed by the relevant committees.

At the discretion of the millionaire manager, the 7th day match of the second round of Serie A, which continues from Friday night, must be stopped.What ordinary people do”, The whistle should not be blown when LigaPro knows in advance the status of the referees (Ecuadorian Referees Association) until the cancellation of the four-month loan.

“What makes the difference between what we do and what others remember from other leagues is that it looks at clubs in more detail,” Nem lamented. Whether you spend TV luck or not, and want to spend the money they don’t have and travel back (to their host cities), check (programming) regardless of whether the clubs appear to be a game or not. Transferring people to broadcast and finally not sending. LigaPro does not know between the transfer costs GoldTVIs $ 250,000 easily spent on a date for journalists, logistics, relocation logistics, club food, etc.? He continues his fictional speech without realizing it, in which he is the center of controversy and champion of justice in the face of injustice, for which he unites clubs like the Roman emperor who are only interested in support People do not care if the crucified is innocent. There are people who don’t have a job and families who don’t even have to eat. Another $ 250,000 was burned. Unable to provide “.

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In a conversation with the newspaper, the 66-year-old leader from Guayaquil on Saturday referred to the demands of 22 Lycapro clubs – Series A and B, Emelec, Technico Universitorio, Mushuk Runa and Olmedo – for a consensus with the Ecuadorian Football Confederation on the current issues.

The Electric Club had to face Liga de Quito at the Rodrigo Pass Delcado Stadium this Sunday night (19:00). But the situation was the same as the rest of the match on the date: there were no referees to blow the whistle and, with both actors on the pitch, it didn’t finally happen.. (D)

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