Natty Natasha and her daughter visit Rafi Pina in jail

After three months of not seeing each other, Nutty Natasha finally met her partner, Rafi Pina, who is serving time in a North Carolina prison. For the visit, he brought the one-year-old daughter they share.

In the past few hours, the singer posted a video on her Instagram account in which she broke the news to her followers as if she was swimming in a pool. According to Nutty, it was an emotional moment for the little family.

Earlier in the day, the artiste had already announced that he would reunite with his fiancee. On Vida’s social media profile, her daughter wrote that they will see Rafi Bina soon.

“Wow. Here I am reading confirmation that I am going to see my father and teach him some of the steps I have been learning, what do you think he is going to tell me?

The text was accompanied by a picture of the girl in front of the computer. Nutty Natasha also told her followers that the producer’s daughter has already taken her first step in front of her father.

“Yesterday finally, Vidhita and I got to see the handsome daddy on earth and we got to see Rafi. Crazy. Guess who started walking alone. Yes, Miss Vida Isabelle. He playfully said to her ‘Tell me Vidhita’. One of the most amazing moments of my life, So beautiful. The perfect moment. I don’t know how to explain it. I want you to celebrate with me,” said the singer.

Rafi Pina has been in jail since May 24, 2022. His partner, Natty Natasha, stayed with him throughout the trial and was with him when he handed himself over to the authorities.

Robbie Bina’s conviction

The reggaeton producer and representative of Daddy Yankee is serving a 41-month prison sentence, the equivalent of three years. In addition to his prison sentence, he must pay a $150,000 fine imposed by San Juan Federal Court Judge Francisco Pezosa.

The crime he was found guilty of was illegal possession of weapons he kept at his home in Caguas. On the day his sentence was read, it came from the hands of Natty Natasha and his three eldest children from past relationships.

Hours before the sentencing, he celebrated his daughter’s first year in Puerto Rico with Natty Natasha, Vida Isabella. Bina had to ask for special permission to leave her house to attend the celebration as there were security arrangements at home.

The musician is active on his social networks, especially on his Instagram account, where he regularly dedicates messages to his children and partner. In a post a few weeks ago, he assured that the prison was in poor condition.

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