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A group of tourists, including nationals and foreigners, staged a protest demanding the sale of tickets in the Agua Calientes district of Urubamba (Cusco) province. Machu Picchu plate. There is a huge demand of visitors due to long holidays due to celebrations National holidays Tickets for the Inca Citadel are completely sold out to date.

According to news program America Noticeas, the tourists blocked a section of the railway. Additionally, another group has a long queue at the booth where tickets are sold So much soAlthough Ministry of Culture He urged travel agencies to inform “With respect and objectivity” to its users that there are no more tickets to enter the Inca Citadel to avoid the burden of unnecessary tourists and inconveniences to safety and health. It creates.

We have around 800 tourists who want to sell entry tickets Lakhta of Machu Picchu. Tourists want to be served, they want to sell their tickets, so I ask the Ministry of Culture, please, for a meeting with the technical area, if necessary, we can attend.”, said Machu Picchu Mayor Darwin Baca.

Cusco: Long queues and protests continue inside Machu Picchu

Darwin Baca pointed out Reduced capacity Machu Picchu plate This is one of the reasons why this problem has arisen due to the high demand of tourists asking for entry tickets to tourist attractions. “The problem is that the 2020 resolution has unfortunately reduced inventory capacity. So much so“We are with 600 tourists, then 2,000, then 3,000 and now finally, due to the demand of various sectors, the Ministry of Culture has accepted a capacity of 4,044,” he said.

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The Authority has mentioned that the solution to this problem should be undertaken by the Ministry of Culture. “The solution is not to sell tickets in Cusco today or tomorrow, we sell these tickets now to tourists who are here. So much so And watchers in the coming days”, he added.

The Ministry of Culture He recalled that by undertaking a responsible technical evaluation, he decided to increase the entry capacity to 4,044 visitors per day. “Due to high demand created by national holidays, till date all the allotments were available through official sales channels, website. and DDC Cusco“, he noted in a statement.

“From the Ministry of Culture, we are committed to continue to support the tourism sector, for which we guarantee due protection and preservation of the heritage of our humanity. We must respect the maximum number of visitors allowed”, the report adds.

Long queues have been reported at the ticket booth for the fort since last weekend, the Ministry of Culture announced. Machu Picchu in Aguas Calientes District. Footage from the America Notices news program shows national and international tourists even sleeping at the site to get tickets to the archaeological site during the holidays. National holidays.

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