NASA’s collaboration with BlueX SpaceX says “US will prevent it from landing safely on the moon” and Kasturi responds


12 ago 2021 19:44 GMT

The space company awarded SpaceX an exclusive deal worth $ 2.9 billion, which was criticized by Jeff Bezos.

Blue Origin, a space transportation company owned by Jeff Bezos, on Wednesday criticized NASA for awarding a $ 2.9 billion special contract to SpaceX to get humans to the moon for space. In his statement, As mentioned above Fox Business, which will continue to challenge the decision of the American space agency and reiterates its claim that Elon Muskin earned the company.Priority treatment“.

Additional information released by the Office of Public Accountability (GAO), according to Bezos’ company, revealed that the US space agency had expressed a desire to “win multiple awards”, confirming that it was “problematic in the acquisition process”. “It simply came to our notice then These issues will prevent the United States from landing on the moon safely and permanently.“.

“We are particularly concerned about the lack of criticism of SpaceX’s plan for aircraft readiness,” the note said. Blue Origin noted that Musk needed the company’s “complex approach” 16 consecutive launches of the Starship spacecraft With a total of three aircraft readiness reviews, “instead of every launch”. “Aircraft readiness ratings are important for safety and are especially important for reusable vehicles and with a series of rapid launches,” he explained.

“Despite 16 stopped flights, this is not a problem”

For his part, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, Came To Twitter to protect the capabilities of the ship your company builds. “16 flights is not very possible“The Starship’s payload orbit,” he stressed, is about 150 tons, so a maximum of 8 would be enough to fill the Moon’s 1,200-ton tanks.

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“Without the irons or heat shield, the spacecraft would be much lighter. The lunar landing legs would not add much (1/6 the force of gravity). It could only take half, i.e. 4 planes with the tank,” he explained.

“Even with 16 ships, this is not a problem,” he noted. “SpaceX developed more than 16 orbiting aircraft in the first half of 2021 and merged with the station [Espacial Internacional] – More difficult than docking with our own ship- More than 20 times, He concluded.

In addition, he teased a photo of a lander called Blue Moon created by Blue Origin on Thursday. “In some ways, this is not certain …” he commented.

Rejection of Jeff Bezos’ opposition

In July, the US Office of Government Responsibility (GAO), Came to an end NASA’s decision to award a contract to SpaceX to build a spacecraft to take astronauts to the moon under the Artemis program does not violate U.S. law.

The deal, for $ 2,941 million, was Integrated Only with Elon Muskin in April “Auctions from Blue Origin and Dynamics companies are significantly more expensive“And the space company” does not have the funds to award more than one award “,” Indian That body in a statement.

Artemis project, which is intended To install A permanent human existence in the landscape and lunar orbit began during the time of Donald Trump. The astronauts are expected to return to the lunar surface in 2024, but the Biden administration says the date is being revised.

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