NASA invites you to watch the diligent rover’s arrival on Mars in Spanish

Explanation of NASA’s perseverance rover landing safely on Mars.

Photo: NASA / JBL-Caltech / courtesy

Among the many chiefs NASA’s diligent rover mission to Mars The space agency’s first plan to broadcast a planetary landing in Spanish.

Thursday, February 18 at 2:30 p.m., The NASA Transmitting “We are diligent together”, A project for the audience A view of the mission to Mars Y This illustrates the role Hispanic professionals played in its success at NASA.

The show airs on EST at 2:30 p.m. Webpage Company and in Your Social Media Accounts in Spanish: Twitter, Facebook Y Web light.

“Together We Are Diligent” will begin airing before the landing of Perseverance on the Red Planet, which will take place at 3:55 p.m. EST.

The rover of diligence’s visit to Mars can be seen live and in Spanish on YouTube:

The first project in Spanish of a historical work

“I’m very proud of NASA’s efforts to better share the excitement of the rover landing of perseverance with nearly 500 million Spanish speakers around the world.” , ” NASA Acting Commander-in-Chief Paiva Lal said. “The name of the project recognizes that NASA needs perseverance and diversity to successfully accomplish ambitious tasks such as next week’s landing.”

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“We are diligent together” Will be provided by the engineer from diligence Diana Trujillo.

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Includes pre-registered section Interviews with Hispanic NASA scientists, engineers and astronauts.

As well as There will be a children’s section along with Sesame.

Students and prominent Hispanic figures from the worlds of entertainment, journalism and politics will also send messages of support.

Diana Trujillo will provide live English for Spanish translation and commentary The entry, descent and landing phase of perseverance on Mars.

The work of perseverance on Mars

The rover of diligence will search for signs of past microbial life, collect selected rock and sediment samples to be sent to Earth in the future, classify the geography and climate of Mars, and pave the way for future human exploration beyond the moon.

If this is NASA’s fifth rover on Mars and successful, This will be NASA’s ninth landing on the Red Planet.

Landing on Mars is difficult, but NASA’s diligence rover is attempting to land on the most challenging terrain ever hit on Mars.

Diligence also includes a technical experiment, The Helicoptero Mars Ingenuity, Will try to implement this The first controlled and operated aircraft on another planet.

For more information on diligence, visit:

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