NASA has confirmed that space debris found in North Carolina belongs to the SpaceX capsule.

The Crew Dragon segment is 91 cm and weighs 41 kg, but is expected to burn up in the atmosphere. (The Glamping Collective)

The remains of a vehicle SpaceX Crew Dragon They were found on a mountain pass North CarolinaEspecially in the district Straw treeAlmost Asheville, USA.

NASA Confirmed that the part found is from the service module Team DragonIt carried four astronauts to Earth International Space Station (ISS).

The discovery was made at the end of May Justin ClondsA luxury resort employee Glamping Collective. Klontz and a colleague were doing maintenance at the Glamping Collective in Haywood County when they found a large object covered in thick metal sheeting held together by unusual-looking screws.

I've never seen anything so close“The piece was charred and covered in carbon fiber cloth,” Klontz said. According to reports, the section measures approximately 91 centimeters and weighs 41 kilograms. NBC News.

NASA confirmed that it belongs to Crew Dragon, which returned from the ISS with four astronauts. (The Glamping Collective)

To move a heavy object, men must tie it to a lawnmower and use a rope to lift it. Although it showed signs of burns, there were no signs of damage in the area around where it was found, he said. Want clones WLOS.

NASA It is pointed out that this fragment comes from the “stem”. Team Dragon, the part of the vehicle that is typically used to transport cargo and is separated before it re-enters Earth's atmosphere. The trunk is covered with solar panels that provide power during flight and while the vehicle is docked ISSHe pointed out SpaceX on their website.

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This part was launched on August 26, 2023 He returned after six months of work ISSAs part of the crew Crew-7The report reads.

Although wood is expected to burn completely in the atmosphere, This and other similar findings Some fragments in different parts of the world claim to be able to survive the descent. Actually, other pieces of work Crew-7 They also appeared in the gardens of two residents in nearby towns, according to local media reports.

The remains of a Crew Dragon service unit were found on a mountain pass in Haywood County. (The Glamping Collective)

This phenomenon is neither exclusive nor recent. Formerly, part of another volume SpaceX Found in farmland Saskatchewan, Canada Last May, it was reported NASA. Another case involves part of a landed block Colorado Last year. Also, found Space junk Inside Australia 2022 and on Saudi Arabia Following the return of the unmanned delivery mission to ISS.

In March this year, another type of space junk weighing 725 grams pierced a house. Naples, Florida. This incident is unrelated SpaceXBut for an intentionally released cargo tray ISS. The victim's family has taken legal action against NASAAlleging structural damage and emotional stress sustained from the event.

Globally, the practice of letting go Obsolete space junk Burning in the atmosphere is not uncommon. However, the appearance of debris in populated areas, although rare, raises concerns about future risks, especially as missions to space increase.

Other pieces from the Crew-7 mission turned up in the gardens of two local residents, according to media reports. (The Glamping Collective)

Due to these recent events, NASA has announced that it will work with SpaceX To explore “additional solutions” to reduce litterfall. The agency emphasized its commitment to the safety of civilians, astronauts and ground crews. If available, NASA Direct contact is advised SpaceX through its junk hotline (1-866-623-0234 or [email protected]).

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For now, the piece has been discovered Clonds It is displayed in a glass case Glamping Collective. “Every time I see him, I think how amazing he is.”Klontz said. “It's interesting to imagine that it started FloridaI went to space and came back and landed here North Carolina”. Until now, no SpaceX No Pot They have requested that the piece be returned.

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