NASA has confirmed that debris from the space station has landed on a house in the US

Florida, USA.

An object that fell from the sky andand crashed There was a piece against an American's house Garbage expelled from International Space Station (ISS), The US space agency confirmedand NASA on Monday.

The strange story came to light last month when Alejandro Otero, from Naples, was living in the state Florida (Southeast), a metal object published on the X Network “Went through the ceiling And two stories” of his house suddenly almost He attacks his sonMarch 8th.

It occurred at a time and place closely coinciding with Official predictions About iAtmospheric ignition A portion of a space cargo platform bOld drums And it was ejected from the orbital outpost in 2021, which space watchers say could be a coincidence.

Lto NASAHe then collected the fallen object from Otero's house for safekeeping. analysis, A new blog post confirmed the speculations to be true.

“Based on the analysis, the company decided Garbage They were part of the support group Airplane of Pot The charging platform is used to place the batteries,” he said.

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“The object became Metal alloy “Inconel weighs 0.7 kilograms, is 10 centimeters tall and 4 centimeters in diameter,” he explained.

Lto NASA He also investigated how Garbage want Total destruction In the atmosphere, it will update its engineering models based on the incident.

“The Pot Committed to operating responsibly and further reducing low-Earth orbit danger Possible to protect For people in Earth cChicken space hardware should be released,” he said.

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