NASA astronaut Frank Rubio returned home after spending 371 days in space

NASA astronaut Frank Rubio never expected to spend more than a year on the International Space Station (ISS).

Had he been asked in advance, Rubio “may have declined the opportunity due to family obligations.” However, when problems arose with his crew’s Soyuz shuttle, He found himself facing a year in spaceMuch longer than the initial six-month stint he signed up for.

For Rubio, a family man with a wife and four children, another six months in space will not be easy. According to an interview published by the CBS network this Tuesday.

During his extended deployment, he missed important family milestones, including a daughter’s first year at the United States Naval Academy and a son’s commencement of his first year at West Point. Despite the difficulties,

The Soyuz boat incident

Rubio, along with his Soyuz crewmen Sergei Prokofiev and Dmitry Betlin, They left for the ISS on September 21 aboard Soyuz MS-22/68S. Initially planned to stay for six months.

However, his Soyuz found out Micrometroid impact in December, which caused a critical break in the refrigeration line. Russian engineers determined that launching a replacement spacecraft was the safest solution, leading to an extension of the crew’s mission.

A year in space and the arrival of Rubio

The decision to stay a full year took time to process, but Rubio and his family eventually came to terms with the decision. Now, as they prepare to return to Earth, Rubio and his crew will take their place aboard the Soyuz MS-23/69S spacecraft.

If all goes according to plan, After a 371-day mission, they will land in KazakhstanThis would mark the third longest flight in space history and the longest flight by an American astronaut.

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When he returned, according to CBS, Rubio looks forward to the simple pleasure of hugging his wife and children and enjoying the peace and quiet of the earth..

However, readjusting to gravity can pose challenges. Expect that It took him months to recover his legs. and restore the balance provided by your vestibular system.

As a first-time astronaut on a year-long mission, Rubio “acknowledges the unknown” but is optimistic about his recovery after spaceflight.

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