NASA Announces Artemis 2’s Launch Date and Its Plans for Third Mission: When It Will Return to the Moon

NASA has announced the launch date of Artemis 2, which will carry humans around the moon

For more than half a century, the Pot He confirmed that he already has a date for his assignment, which he plans to take the man around the moon.

After the success of the first task Artemis 1It ended a little later on December 11 25 Days in SpaceNow the space agency is preparing for this event, as it happened 1972.

Artemis 2 Planned at the end November 2024An executive associated with NASA confirmed, Gym is free, at a press conference this Tuesday. While the details of the mission are not yet known, the agency is expected to make an announcement later this year. A group of four That they would go aboard It takes ten days to orbit the satellite.

“We’re still looking for that Artemis 2 crew,” Frei added, though it had already been announced. One of them will be Canadian. “After what we’ve learned with Artemis 1 this time there’s nothing to stop us”He insisted.

After the success of Artemis I, NASA is moving forward with plans for two other missions (REUTERS)

This first mission – recently returned to Earth – lasted almost a month, during which the Orion capsule was successfully tested to fly without occupants and powered by the new SLS rocket – the most powerful in the world. It has been placed in orbit around the moon — exactly 12.8 kilometers from it, according to Orion’s program manager Howard Hu — without problems.

“We have traveled further than any spacecraft in the past, reaching a distance of 434,000 kilometers from our planet. It is quite an achievement, an amazing journey that exceeded expectations,” he celebrated.

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Based on this positive experience, NASA plans to launch a second mission in a year and a half. ThirdSome Twelve months after the second – In approx 2025-. On this third trip Yes, astronauts are expected to land on the South Pole of the Moon.

In the third mission, crew members are expected to land on the Moon (NASA).

“Our plan has always been 12 months but there are Important developments It must be done”, Free warned of these dates, which are subject to change as events unfold.

For example, according to the executive, “We have a requirement Lunar Lander”, as well as “our cases“Space, without which we cannot explore the lunar surface.

About the first, a version Starship provided SpaceXBillionaire company Elon Musk; However, it has yet to fly its first orbit.

Through this series of missions, NASA seeks to establish a permanent presence on the Moon with a base and space station (REUTERS).

Regarding the second, the company Axiom Space is still in the process of DevelopmentSo -for now- no further information is known about this essential clothing for astronauts.

NASA’s objective with these projects is to establish a permanent presence on the Moon, for which they plan to build a base and space station around the satellite.

Thanks to staying on the lunar surface, that’s possible Test new technologies needed for longer journeysA group tour etc tuesday.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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