NASA: An attempt to mix food with astronomy at Oloquilta

Olocuilta, in La Paz, is a place where people eat and look at the moon, planets and stars for eight months. Its name is Nasa Restaurant. From the entrance to the water storage tank, it is laid out and identified with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) details.

Owner Samuel Martinez, also known as Sammy Martinez, purchased a telescope so customers could view the moon, some planets, and stars from the complex’s terrace during their visit.

The telescope is an attractive addition and can be used for free. Photo: LGB/ Jorge Carbajal

According to Samuel, his interest in planets and life or activity beyond Earth’s atmosphere began in childhood. I am one of those people who believe that life exists elsewhere outside of Earth. Calling his business NASA, the entire space is decorated with references to extraterrestrial life, mainly from movies or television: Alf, Thunder, Yoda, aliens and Armageddon are some of the themes Samuel has in mind for Your Place.

His focus is always on the spatial theme. “Ever since I was a kid and saw what happened at Roswell, this thing has caught my attention, and that’s why I associate businesses with that thing,” he explained. He also had other businesses called The Base, Area 51 and Project x.

Samuel dreams of becoming a business owner. In addition to selling the famous Olocuilta pupusas, it offers beef, chicken, chicken and pork.

Photo: LGB/ Jorge Carbajal

The telescope at NASA is free to use as an added attraction that Samuel put up at the site. On rainy days it is difficult to see space, but on clear days you can see Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and the stars.

Located by Plaza de Banderas in Nasa Oloquialta. There is a view towards the north from the place and it is situated on a high ground which is perfect for observing the universe at night.

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