Nagua: They report that the PRM group has become part of the PLD |

NAGUA, Dominican Republic.- PLD reports that more than a hundred former members of the PRM here have sworn in Abel Martinez’s presidential program.

The group is chaired by business leader Francis Jerez, who after joining the PRM expressed his disillusionment because, in his opinion, the government’s actions are far from the social essence that inspired his support for the organization.

“We saw how In these three years of the PRM government, there are only unfulfilled promises in every way; They failed the people and the same leaders and fighters who brought them to power That is why, together with my family, which is part of the heart of Nagua, and my entire political structure, I accept the commitment to run for mayor of my beloved, to lead Abel Martinez to the presidency in 2024. People,” he said.

Jerez and others were sworn inThey pledged to work to make possible the victory of Martínez and the PLD in the 2024 electoral processes.

The oath of office was headed by PLD political committee member Francisco Javier García as Martinez’s national campaign director.

At the swearing-in ceremony held at Nani Restaurant, Central Committee members Francisco Pena, Provincial Coordinator Maria Trinidad Sanchez; Jose Anibal Balbuña, Provincial Coordinator of Strategy; Juan José Paredes “Cheo”, Mayor of the Municipality of El Factor and Provincial Operations Coordinator; Evelia Pérez, Provincial Coordinator for Women; Julio Cesar de la Cruz, Mayor of Las Cortas Municipal District, and Osvaldo Vargas, Provincial Coordinator for the Abel 24 Campaign, among other leaders and PLD members.

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Juan Francisco Fernandez, Juan Hernandez Hilario, Miguel Duarte, Thomas Santana Duarte, Porfirio Garcia, Santa Mendoza, Noemi Rivas, Yasmin Olivares, Ursula Margarita Cruz, Napoleon Bernas Montes, Joselios Mantos, Joselan Fernandez, Joslan Fernandez, Jodes Bernanz, Joselán Fernández, Roselio Valdéz Grullón, Ricardo Mejía, Eugenio Mercedes, Amable Sánchez, Josefina Lantigua, Danilo Hiciano and Marcelina Ramírez.

Also, Raul Jerez Martínez, Orlando Jerez Martínez, Pedro Dilone Núñez, Pedro Pablo Pifa Tavares, Juan Soto, Antonio Novas, Santo Ricardo, Génesis Ventura, Alberto Mendoza, Yulissa Rodríguez, Amatostoni, Aguilario, Juana Díaz, Joan Tejada, Jayson Liriano Hilario, Luis Alberto Lopez Alvarez, Rinaldi Segundo Vasquez, Edwin Motta (Chairman), Johnny Osoria, Basilio Osoria, Reyes, Isel Fortuna, Yesenia Aquino Canario, Emilio Arismelio, Manuel Osoria, Julio Osoria and others.

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