Mr. Lux Arrival in Arie Luyendyk Jr and Lauren Burnham Family Sharing their Experience

Our most famous Arie Luyendyk and Lauren Burnham were ready for sharing their baby’s name on social media. They are presented in the relationship for longer days but recently they have had the baby and this couple is had the moe interest in revealing their baby’s name. Yes, they had a baby boy and this baby was very cute like their parents. They are also introducing their two-year-old daughter Alessi and this daughter is damn cute compared to their parents. After four days, they are very happy to welcome their twins. These details are posted by The bachelor star for the vlog which showing to leaving from the hospitals.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham Get Festive at Her Bridal Shower - E!  Online - AU

They are presented with their families like the beautiful girlfriends and 2-year-old daughter Alessi. Furthermore, recently they are introducing their newborn baby and this boy baby is named Lux. Alessi had the happier to see the new coming baby lux and both are cute relationship with them. Alessi makes the warm for her brother Mr. Lux. these things are said by the driver on the video on Wednesday, June 16. The family said that she is a very good sister and daughter for this family and you are good with others also. In the earlier stage of naming, they had lots of confusion but still, they are given the beautiful name for their son. This news is creating a more amazing experience for the family. Their baby name is present under the wraps and it also remains the lots of things behind the NICU which is said on that camera. These things are also explained as having more trouble during the meaning. Yes, they also share the bad experience about the child. Aerie is had more struggling at the time of birthing. After giving birth, she feels relaxed. Baby daughter’s name is made under the wraps and it might remain as the present behind the NICU and it made Lauren with more prettiness and upset also. They shared that they are responsible for taking care of their children.

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And they share their family feelings yes they have more responsibilities after becoming the parent stage. The viewers understand their feelings and happiness for seeing this experience. Our newborn son had some breathing problems then he need extra care to maintain his heartbreaking. When she said this story she felt tears in her eye. And she is, mentioned that she is not the psycho mom and she also likes the become the lovable mom. 


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