Mother of Louis Miguel. Andres Garcia reveals where Marcela Pastori is

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for many years Location of Marcela Pastori, Louis Miguel’s mother has been a mystery. Some promise that she is alive and living in Argentina, However, there are others who mention that he died a few years ago. As we saw in the first chapter of the second part Louis Miguel, series, Apparently he died and was buried in a house located in Los Matos, Madrid.

Someone who supports this theory Andres Garcia, mother of Louis Miguel Who lived for many years with Luisido Ray and Luis Miguel When the singer began his career.

In an interview Window, Andres Garcia talks about his relationship with Luis Miguel and mentions Luisido Ray lAnd asked for help to kill Marcela Pastry, Something he refused. On the other hand, the actor also said where he thinks of the remains of the actor’s mother The sun. en His speech, Andres Garcia talks about the house that Louis Ray bought in Los Modas, Spain.

“On one occasion, when I was with Luisido Rave in Spain, he showed me a nice house they had bought in Madrid. We called the caretaker of the house as we could not go inside and it was covered with stone and mud. I wanted to show it (house), we had to wait about 40 minutes for the caretaker to appear, I was surprised that he did not have the keys to the house, and then what I saw was so beautiful. ”

Andres Garcia commented When he went to his home in Los Matos, he noticed that it was Lucito Ray, The singer’s brother and the caretaker of the house began to panic.

“I remember very well that the house was in the most beautiful province called Los Matas, and that the house was no longer heard of, nor mentioned. He began to get nervous, and Luisido, his brother, and the already-appearing caretaker came with him, and said: ‘They have already seen her, and may go. “What’s the hurry? I’m looking good in the house.”

Because they behaved strangely, Louis Ray suggested that they leave the house now. He also said that Louis Miguel’s father took care of the pool a lot.

“They’re starting to get nervous in the pool in the garden, they said we had to get out now, what’s this attitude? The caretaker says: ‘Have we already closed Don Lewis? It’s not open to anyone anymore’ as if there was a treasure or something there. I know, all three of them were very nervous. ”

After time, The actor began to hear rumors about the disappearance of Marcela Pasteur He suspected that the remains of El Sol’s mother may have been in a house in Los Modas.

“When I go out, I say: ‘Something very dark has happened here, very ugly.’ Anxiously they walked down the road, I always have a lot of intuition, I left something that happened there and they knew it.A year later Tile tile Marcella will never appear again, their statements begin, inquiries and I always thought: ‘They did something to Marcela, maybe they buried her there, didn’t they?’, He recalled.

Andres Garcia suspects it though He noted that something had happened at the house in Los Matos, and that nothing had been proven and that they were just rumors.

“I saw that they saw a lot of the pond, the rest is guesswork, let me tell you what I felt, what I felt. It is with the authorities, I do not know whose house it is now, but the authorities need to inquire whether it is under the pond or in the garden. I do not know.


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