Mother of Honduran twins releases emotional words of her son

Cynthia Gabriela Perez posted the tender words of one of her children. “You’re the reason I’m alive,” wrote Miner, who hadn’t seen her in ten years

Cinthia Gabriela Pérez was criticized by the paternal family of twins Jefferson and Jose Osorto Pérez who drowned in Galveston, Texas on Sunday, however, she used her social networks to pay tribute to her unfortunate twins.

Cynthia went in search of the American dream when the twins were two years old.

The paternal grandmother of the 13-year-olds, Patricia Osorto, raised them as children, however, the children wanted to be with their mother, a dream that came true in November last year.

On March 5, the family, already reunited in Houston, decided to go to the beach in Galveston, Texas, and in an instant the little ones disappeared.

After several days of searching for the minors, they found the body of one of them on Tuesday the 7th and another on Thursday the 9th of March.

“It’s an omission,” said the minors’ grandmother from Honduras, who regretted the timing of the decision to send the little ones away.

Cynthia Gabriela Perez posted the emotional words of one of the children on social media. “Now that I’m in America, I’ll run to hug you,” the June 28, 2020, letter began.

“You are the reason Cynthia Gabriela Perez lives. Something that makes me feel happy every day of the year,” he wrote as a profile picture on his social networks.

This is a verbatim transcript of everything her son wrote to Cynthia Gabriela Perez. “What can I do for this pain and this great agony”, she came with the letter.

The children were buried Thursday in Houston, Texas.

“In advance, God bless you with all my heart, thank you very much for your support,” the Honduran woman thanked.

2023/03/173:29 p.m / Luis Fernando Licona

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