Mother of boy shot by police: “My son wants justice”

My son wants justice.

These are the only manifestations of Amma Javier Cordero Nevarez, A 16-year-old boy was shot and killed by agents last night Police Bureau Amidst the circumstances under investigation Bureau of Special Investigation (NIE) and General Integrity Division Department of Justice.

Presented by Sheila Neverez Released today at 3:15 PM on Tuesday Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF), in San Juan, she faced the difficult and painful process of identifying her son’s body. The boy’s father Fairy Lambalso participated.

For questions from journalists, The woman, who lived with her son in an apartment in San Juan, described the recovery of dozens of bullet casings as “abuse.”. As confirmed by the Police Commissioner, Antonio Lopez FigueroaThe young man was unarmed at the time of the arrest for driving a stolen vehicle in the Fontana suburb.

The Hyundai vehicle driven by the minor during the events was kept at the rear of the ICF this afternoon for the purpose of investigation and scientific tests. Multiple bullet holes were found in the driver’s left side door and in the rear and front windshield.

López Figueroa pointed out that it all started yesterday morning when a Carolina citizen reported the theft of his Hyundai Tucson to the police in the Villa Fontana urbanization.

Multiple bullet impacts were found in the vehicle on the driver’s left side door and both the rear and front windshield. (Ramon “Donito” Zayas)

He said authorities accessed videos from security cameras that captured the moment of the robbery in front of a residence. The video has been released by the uniform team. López Figueroa added that the complainant provided information about the location of the vehicle through GPS, so the report of the theft was not registered in the police system.

The stolen vehicle unit began tracking the complainant as he left his residence and sought assistance from officers from other camps. “The vehicle appears by GPS to be in Vista Hermosa, then it goes to the Luis Lorenz Torres residence and returns to Vista Hermosa, and it intervenes on the 40th street of the urbanization of La Rivera in Hato Rey,” said López Figueroa. New day.

“As soon as he’s stopped, the cops get out (of the patrol cars) and this (driver) is said to be driving the vehicle and trying to run over the agents, and that’s when the shooting starts.”he added.

“This is an unfortunate reality for everyone, the minor, the minor’s family and the police.”López Figueroa disclosed that he could not provide further details due to ongoing investigations.

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