Mother of a soldier kidnapped by Hamas denounces the inhumane treatment they received: “They are slaves”

Hostage Israeli soldiers Liri Albagh and Akham Berger, captured by Gaza militants at the Nahal Oz military base in southern Israel, on October 7, 2023, in this screenshot taken from a video released on October 22. May 2024 (Hostage Families Forum/Handout via REUTERS)

Shira AlbachA soldier's mother Liri Albach19 years old, abducted on 7th October and disseminated sensitive information obtained Noah Arkamani, a recently rescued hostage from Gaza. According to Arkamani, the hostages were kept as slaves in a luxury villa before being transferred to underground tunnels controlled by Hamas.

Arkamani and other women players described Liri Albach, were forced to do household chores like cleaning the garden, washing dishes and preparing inedible food. “Noah said they were slaves [mujeres soldados]including Liri,” Shira Albach said in a statement.

Liri's mother explained that her daughter was kept in critical condition and was only allowed to shower after a month in prison. “They were placed in a luxury villa and after 40 days, Liri was transferred to the underground subway network. Hamas“, he pointed out.

Yaf Ohad, the aunt of Noah Arkamani, who was taken hostage by Hamas militants during the October 7 attack, poses with signs in front of the United Nations European Headquarters on February 6, 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland. REUTERS/ Cecile Mantovani

In the mines, conditions worsen significantly. Albagh said that clean water is not available in those places and there is a shortage of food. Also, sanitation is non-existent. “It's very bad, there's no fresh water and not much food,” he explained. He also pointed out the lack of clean clothes and even underwear and the inability to wash and dry clothes.

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Recently, the Hostage and Missing Families Forum released a video of the abduction of five female soldiers, including Liri Albach. Nahal Oz On October 7. Till now, there are five women in power Hamas In Gaza. The video was obtained from the body cameras of Hamas terrorists and is an important part of understanding the kidnapping.

Unreleased footage of the October 7 abduction of people in Israel by Hamas

Amid the anguish and uncertainty, the families of the hostages received occasional information and testimony from those freed in November during a week-long ceasefire. These freed women described the hostages as crying because they missed their mothers. Shira deeply shares this sentiment: “I don't want to imagine what they're going through now.”

Shira Albach concluded her report with an urgent call to imagine and understand the hardships and sufferings faced by the hostages in Gaza.

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