Most Popular Places to Travel in 2022

If you dream of a vacation Travel around the world or The goal What you saw on the internet, maybe year 2022 Be the one who accomplishes your purpose. And, if you have not decided, why not look Most Preferred Places By other tourists?

Airline meta search engine Kayak His “Travel Guide “, The most searched international destinations in 2021 compared to pre-epidemic figures, this is a trend for the next 12 months.

We share below what they are Tourist sites Kayak is much loved by users. Considering the travel restrictions due to the epidemic, it is definitely pending to know when they can all be visited. Already have any of them on your wishlist?

List of Most Desired Tourist Places in 2022

1. Cairo, Egypt

(Photo: Pixabay)

Before the epidemic, searches for the Egyptian capital increased by 388% compared to 2019.

This is the best setting for you to live movie moments. Among the best sites you can enjoy are the long walks through the streets of Cairo to describe the Pyramids of Giza, its monumental structure, the Pyramids of Tahsur, or its mysterious mosques.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

Travel_Places -3.jpg
(Photo: Pixabay)

The number of searches has increased by 349% compared to 2019.

The Western and Eastern worlds meet in this mysterious city, and there are iconic places like Hokia Sophia. You can take a long walk around the traditional surroundings like Sultanhmet neighborhood, Dolmabahe Palace and Balad. Also, they say the phosphorus scenes are unforgettable.

3. Salt Lake City, USA

destinations_buscados_2022_2.jpgPhoto: Unsplash / Benjamin Rasco

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Taking into account the searches since 2019, they increased by 292% during the epidemics.

With the diversity of its size and goals, the United States is not found in lOne of the most sought after by 2022. Salt Lake City is one of them, the gateway to places like Park City, one of the most important ski spots in our neighboring country, home to the Sundance Film Festival and a city with a minefield steeped in history.

4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

destinations_buscados_2022_3.jpgPhoto: Unsplash / Christoph Schulz

The increase in searches was 276%.

If you like the atmosphere of the metropolis, you will be captivated by the luxury and strangeness of this emirate. You can find Burj Khalifa among its most popular tourist attractions, with its 828 meters (the tallest skyscraper in the world), its artificial islands, and luxury hotels such as Burj Al Arab. Its historic neighborhoods include the Jumeirah Mosque (open to tourism) and the souks or traditional markets.

5. In Guayaquil, Ecuador

destinations_buscados_2022_1.jpgPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

The only Latin American target in the top 5 places increased search by 262%.

Everyone knows that there are exceptional places we all want to find in Latin America. This is the case with Guayaquil in Ecuador, which has established itself as one of the most popular destinations to travel to. 2022. Colorful Cerro Santa Ana or its famous Malecón 2000, the most beautiful places waiting for you.

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