More than 500 people were stranded at the Merida cable car (VIDEO) stations.

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The Merida cable car, the world's highest, suffered a technical glitch on the night of February 14, leaving more than 500 visitors stranded at the La Montana station at 2,452 meters above sea level.

As reported by users through social networks, the incident happened in the afternoon when the cable car stopped on the first section connecting Barinitas to La Montana. Spectators, many of them couples celebrating Valentine's Day, had to wait in the cold until the cable car staff followed safety protocol and began a slow and safe descent.

The disembarkation continues, and each trip takes 40 minutes, which means that some tourists had to spend more than six hours at the station until they were fully discharged. Some of them expressed their discomfort and disappointment over the bad experience that ruined their romantic day.

Mukumbari cable car system authorities have not released any official statement regarding the reasons for the failure or the steps they are taking to prevent its recurrence.

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