More than 41,000 customers are without power during the tropical storm

It was an early afternoon for the Federation’s 41,000 customers as a tropical wave passed through Puerto Rico this Saturday. LUMA Energy No electrical service.

According to the company’s website, By 1:30 p.m. 43,077 subscribers were without power, most of them in the Caguas region, at that time 9% (22,609) customers were without service considering all the subscribers of the federation.

The next region with the highest number of subscribers without service is San Juan with 9,547 or 3.77%.

New day In an interview with LUMA Energy to find out about the state of power service amid multiple outages, the federation limited itself to emailed written statements that “reiterated that Puerto Rico’s power grid is in a very fragile state.”

The company tweeted that Humacao, Curaçao and Yabucoa were the most affected towns after the failure of the feeder. However, the federation did not specify the reasons for the alleged failure.

For its part, the Electricity Authority (AEE) has promised to produce 100% of the island’s energy needs.

“Sharing the map with the status of the generation system. Currently we are serving 100% energy demand and we have an operational reserve of 1,397 MW,” the company described in a tweet.

However, the Bureau of Emergency Management and Disaster Management (NMEAD) on its Twitter account has received reports of many sectors without power due to strong thunderstorm winds.

“All parts of NMEAD and OMME have been activated pending any situation resulting from weather and sea currents. So far, fallen branches and sections without light due to wind have been reported.the company tweeted.

The National Weather Service (SNM) in San Juan this morning, with wind gusts of 40 miles per hour (mph) or higher in various parts of the eastern part of the island. Strong winds of 50 mph were reported at El Gogal, Yabucoa at 11:51 a.m.

However, regions such as Arecibo and Ponce experienced power outages this morning, although not as heavy as in the east of the island this morning.

The interruptions in electric service come as the seventh increase in electric utility rates goes into effect following a request by LUMA Energy to the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau. The association has argued that the demand for the new cost per kilowatt hour is due to the rise in fuel prices.

Additionally, the company promised on May 27 She is ready to face Hurricane season It has already started and will run till November 30.

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