MLS takes Messi into consideration to face Liga MX All Star

MLS has already started organizing its classic summer tournament In which the league's biggest stars come together and face off against a rival who has been invited for the event. Teams like Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, Juventus or Arsenal said have faced in recent years MLS All Star.

As Miami journalist Lizzie Becherano revealed, Several sources confirm that the competitor This year it will be the team with the best players in Liga MX, Local Mexican competition. Becherano is expecting it too July 24 in Columbus, Ohio. Saturday. In this way, the competition of the 2021 and 2022 editions will be repeated.

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The MLS stars will be looking to showcase their potential against Arsenal, who have had their best season in England.Bastian InzaralteAFP

Many names like Benteke, Riqui Puig or Hugo Lloris would be ideal places Faced with a clash, albeit a pre-season friendly, Always sparks some competition because of the eternal debate As for which league is better. However, this year, The spotlights point in one direction: Leo Messi.

Messi's participation is possible

In previous years, this MLS All Star tournament was held in early August. But in this case the date is presented as last year. This date is very much thanks to Messi's busy schedule, Who will reach the finals? The Copa America ends on July 15. And play Olympic Games (It's a bit far) It starts from 26th.

MLS takes Messi into consideration to face Liga MX All Star

Although Nothing is confirmed yet, and everything indicates that MLS is looking for a great moment Their biggest star could be part of a game that unites all American fans. Messi is an international icon who can greatly improve football in that country. With media swing like this.

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A team from 'another world'

If all is well, This could be that MLS All-Stars XI: Hugo Lloris; Deandre Yedlin, Miles Robinson, Avilés, Jordi Alba; Sergio Busquets, Carrasquilla, Faku Torres, Messi, Thiago Almada; Luis Suarez.

The bench may include: Lautaro Acosta, Benteke, Gucho Hernandez, Ricky Puig, Alvaro Bariel, Emil Forsberg, Federico Bernardeschi…

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