MLB broke the weekend record

Major League Baseball (MLB) This is no ordinary competition America. Baseball has been ingrained in North American society for over a century. Each season the respective teams are closely followed every year, just like in 2024.

A month has passed since the first meeting of the campaign in South KoreaTo show the universal nature of this game.

Although its popularity has been debated in recent years, it can be harmful National Football League (NFL) wave National Basketball Association (NBA)MLB still maintains its position.

The public enjoyed watching MLB games

Attending the stadium is practically a tradition. From the end of March World Series, it is natural that thousands of people enjoy baseball. What is the evidence for this? MLB On Monday, April 22, he communicated through his social networks.

Last weekend, April 19 to 21 saw record attendances at major parks with 46 games played. The big leagues.

Saturday is the day with the highest entry into stadiums. There were a total of 540,363 fans on that date over 16 matches. On an average it attracts 33,772 visitors.

Ball is yet another example of his roots in America. Meanwhile, in the current season, Angels Cheaters This is the package that brings more people to the field. Its average stands at 45,658. when New York Yankees is second with 39,931. following them closely Atlanta Braves (38,498) and San Diego Padres (38,441)

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