Missing planes and ships: NASA understands what is happening in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle

Ships and planes disappeared there. NASA is trying to explain these facts from the spread of its invention.

Mystery around Bermuda Triangle It was abbreviated in English by scientists from NASA, the US space agency.

The Bermuda Triangle is a site formed between Miami, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico with an area of ​​1.1 million square kilometers and is considered one of the most mysterious places on the planet.

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Ships and planes disappeared there. NASA is trying to explain these facts from the spread of its invention.

One of the most recent ships to be lost in the Bermuda Triangle was the one that departed from Bemini in the Bahamas on December 28, 2020 and headed for Florida. The tour will be one day.

There were 20 people on the boat, and the Coast Guard searched for him for four days without results.

In an article released by NASA on 202o, which is gaining popularity in recent days, experts say that as satellites pass through that area, they are bombarded with radiation “more intense than anywhere else in orbit.”

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The aberration is known as the South Atlantic Disorder (AAS), and in the Bermuda Triangle, the sun’s rays cause up to 124 miles above the Earth’s surface to come in a variety of studies in low Earth orbit.

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This can lead to failures of electronic equipment that are important for navigation, which can cause accidents when planes and ships pass through the area, and then disappear.

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“I don’t like the nickname of the Bermuda Triangle, but in that region, the low intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field ends up causing more damage to the satellite’s energetic particles, which can cause damage to spacecraft, explained John Durdono, a geophysics professor at the University of Rochester.

The Bermuda Triangle, located deep in the Atlantic Ocean, covers an area of ​​1.1 million square kilometers.

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